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Is there documentation for this that is a little less about classes and a little more about using the app? Like where does this iTracker.plist file need to be? What format do you want to see initially? Where can I make modifications in the code to change categories/items/etc?

Hi, The code comes with comments. Besides that there are also html type documentation which is cross referenced to the code.

Let me know if you need more info.


Data stored in plist !!

it’s unable to store the Data, please fix it.

If you are testing in simulator, ensure that you press the home button before stop the application. In device, it has no issue to save the record at my end.

If you have still have issues, let me know the error log message if there is any.

This project looks good. Are you available for freelance customizations? I sent you a message through your profile. Let me know.

I have replied to your email.

Thanks. A reply with details is on the way.

Hi, How can we monetize this? Can you give instructions on how to put Admob or iAd on this app.


Thanks! meanwhile would you mind giving a generic instructions here to add Admob on the code, I would gladly appreciate it, maybe just bullet points and filename of what to edit, thanks!

Update with admob integration is submitted for review. will be available for download soon.


I have purchased your application code, but I can not make it run on iOS Simulator 6.1, please guide me to fix the error. thank you.

hi Kalaichelvan, log error: 2014-05-11 23:06:50.376 Maintenance Tracker for iOS[554:907] * Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘-[UIWindow setTintColor:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0×99737d0’
  • First throw call stack: (0×1dac012 0×1bd1e7e 0×1e374bd 0×1d9bbbc 0×1d9b94e 0×9a9f 0xb13157 0xb13747 0xb1494b 0xb25cb5 0xb26beb 0xb18698 0×2b29df9 0×2b29ad0 0×1d21bf5 0×1d21962 0×1d52bb6 0×1d51f44 0×1d51e1b 0xb1417a 0xb15ffc 0×20ad 0×260b701) libc++abi.dylib: terminate called throwing an exception (lldb)
2014-05-11 23:06:50.375 Maintenance Tracker for iOS[554:907] -[UIWindow setTintColor:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x99737d0

please help me, thanks!

Hi, iOS 7 has a way to set universal tint color for the whole application. However, this doesn’t support in iOS 6. That is the reason why it throws an error when you run the app in version prior to 7. There are two ways to overcome this.

1. You can check the iOS version and then apply the theme according to version. 2. Apply theme manually regardless of version.

Solution 1:

In Appdelegate.m, in didfinishedwithlauchoptions change the following line

UIWindow setTintColor: [UIColor greenColor];

To this

if (UIDevice.CurrentDevice.CheckSystemVersion (7,0)) { // iOS 7.0 and later

UIWindow setTintColor: [UIColor greenColor];

} else { // iOS 6.1 and earlier }

Take note that for version below iOS7, the universal theme will not be applied and you can change the tint color of the bar buttons in storyboard easily.

Solution 2:

If you don’t prefer to apply universal theme and you want to manually do it, simple comment out the line that applying color. Like below

// UIWindow setTintColor: [UIColor greenColor];

Hope this helps.

thanks kalai.

Hi Kalai, How do we install this in Phone or IPAD?

You need to have the developer account in order to test in real device.

Opening the project in Xcode will allows you to install in real device.

I’m not sure.. but whenever I open the app the previous values are getting deleted.. is there any way I can store the values in local database?

not supposed to. You may approach me via my profile page.

i want this app but for android studio you have? but only want for cars.. Whether for business and users. Where they register their vehicles, car, trucks, vans, tractors, heavy vehicles. etc.

This same application but exclusively for vehicles. All types of cars, vans, motors, trucks, tractors, heavy machine,

it is for users and businesses

But for android