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treon Purchased

Hi nice plugin. How can I use the preloader on my other real site later also? I like it when use svg animation. / VG

Hi there,

Our team can add it to your website easily. Please contact us at so we could discuss all the details.

buy your product It works everywhere but it does not work with phones.

the video option does not automatically start on mobile

We have tested your website and it appears that everything works fine. I have sent you videos in the conversation.

Hi, Is it compatible with the latest version of WordPress 4.9.4

Hi there,

Yes, it is.

It looks like you still have a problem with transparent graphic files. A few months ago, the problem affected all readers, but now applies to mobile websites. A transparent file in PNG or GIF is displayed on the smartphone as a gray spot.

Hi there,

Can you share a screenshot of the issue?

Where can we sand the screenshot? We are using Maintenance PRO 3.6 (Envato`s February promotion) at one website but we were going to buy normal licenses. We had planned it before, but discouraged us the problem with transparent graphics (logo). We thought that the problem has been fixed because it is quite strange and no such plugin has such a problem.

If I buy this plugin, on how many websites can I use it? Is it one license per site or unlimited sites?

Yes, one license covers one website

i just purchased this plugin and i could not install it. it keeps saying no valid plugin. What do i do?

Hi, thanks for purchasing our plugin. Please make sure if you upload file.

if i buy this plugin how many times can i use it ?

Thank you for contacting Fruitfulcode!

Maintenance free plugin can be used on multiple sites.

Maintenance PRO plugin can be used on one website only since it has a row of advanced features.

Best Regards,

Fruitful Support Team

only for wordpress, right?

Thanks for using our plugin. Yes, this plugin is developed for WordPress only.


Team Fruitful Code

Another pre-sales questions:

Are you frequently updating this plugin? If so, how frequent?

We are updating the plugin every couple of months. You are welcome to check the changelog with all release dates at the end of the description here:

aj2703 Purchased

Plugin has major flaw. If you are using recaptcha on website and do not deactivate it before going to maintenance mode, you CANNOT sign in as the maintenance mode has no option to enter capatcha.

Hello there,

Thank you for your interest in our plugin.

We totally undesrtand your point however we are not ready to implement the capatcha feature due to technical circumstances.

We’d also appreciate if you have any technical suggestions or view how it can be done.

With Respect,

Team Fruitful Code


keng007 Purchased

I downloaded the free plugin from Envato, but I did not use it for a long time. Today I extracted the .zip file. It turns out that plugin installation failed. I think the compressed file was not completely.

Can I get a new file? I have a License Certificate REGULAR LICENSE. Item ID: 2781350


keng007 Purchased

Purchase Date: 2018-02-13 03:03:06 UTC

Hello there,

Thank you for gettig back to us.

Please, submit a support ticket on our Help Center here Provide your purchase code (you can read how to find it here and we will send you back a latest version.

Best Regards,

Team Fruitful Code


keng007 Purchased

Hi again,

Do you have a demo system ฺBackend? I would like to know that this plugin can set the day / month / year or week period. Or month Open-Close the web? And protect all the links on the website cover?

Hello there,

We have demo for a frontend and screenshots of backend options available

Plugin is activated/disabled manually in the settings. If you mean countdown then yes, you can set expiry date.While on maintenace mode customers do not have access to your website’s links.


Team Fruitful Code


keng007 Purchased

Hi Again,

I would like to know that this plugin can not be scheduled in advance every week or every month in advance, right? Like Mantanance website every Friday, each week.



Within current functionality you can set only particular date and time in the Countdown options. Here you can find all the details how available in our plugin Countdown option works.

With Regards,

Team Fruitful Code

The countdown type “Circle” is not working!

Do you have the latest plugin version? Please send a request to our support with a link to your website

Pre-Sale question: My client needs a countdown page in different languages. I don´t need the backend of the plugin translated but the frontend which is seen by the end-user. Is this possible?

If you need multi-language support, with default plugin options it’s not possible. Only with source code modifications and custom development. You can send a request to our support for an estimation

Hi. Can you translate to Spanish? Thank you.

Our plugin has Spanish es_ES translation. Also please check article how to translate plugin

I thought you were updating every couple of months?

There hasn’t been an update in over 10 months.

When can we expect an update?

I bought this plugin because of the statement made about updates and I haven’t seen one yet.

Can you please update and add reCaptcha support and fix the issues soon?

Thank you for purchasing our plugin. We almost prepared a new plugin version, final tests and release will be available

Whether the plugin “Maintenance PRO” is compatible with wordpress V 5.0 ? Kindly do the needful.

Yes “Maintenance PRO” is compatible with WordPress 5.0

Hello, I’m considering buying the plugin, but I have some pre-purchase questions: 1) Can the social buttons and the Subscribe Form be deactivated? 2) In the “Footer text” dedicated box can you also add links via HTML? 3) The texts under the Countdown box: “Days” “Hours” “Minutes” “Seconds” can be translated into my language ie Italian?

Greetings and good work!

Thanks for the interest in our product, and sorry for late reply on the holidays period. 1) Yes, sure if data in fields are empty they are not displayed. 2) In footer text only text is allowed due security reasons. 3) Yes, via translation files