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Just purchased – font awesome social icons not showing mobile?

if you have website with both addresses, that means website duplicates. You can send request to our support, we will check

Nothing to do with it at all – crap support. I fixed with 1 line of code.

Try to use only free plugin version We have 400 000 active installs and 2 millions of downloads. If you have fix the bug with 1 line of code for your website please contribute plugin on Github

reboot Purchased

Anyone have a fix for the social icons not showing and showing as squares? Tried all the fixes and nothing working…

Please send link to your website to our support


We ran into a pretty big issue tonight that was caused by the smallest of problems from this plugin…

I don’t know why, but you’re not using all lower case letters on the parent folder of this plugin (which is pretty standard practice).

I’ve seen you use both of these before…



Because of this we accidentally ended up with a duplicate of your plugin on our site, each with different case sensitivities. It happened through a Git push and auto deployment to our server. The duplicate instances of the plugin then crashed our entire server.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would rename this plugin folder to all lower case letters like this:


We had an entire night of investigations here that were all caused from this one tiny thing.

~ Michael

Ok, we will upload maintenance-pro in next release. Also you can rename plugin folder by yourself on your server.

Thank you, I appreciate that!

We had in fact renamed the folder, and that is what caused the problem. There was an accidental replication between our Git remote and production site because of a difference in case-sensitivity. I’ve fixed it now, but I want to avoid this occurring in the future by having the plugin folder in all lower case to begin with.

ok, we will pay attention on this. Thanks!

Hi, pre-sell question. Is it possible with your pro plugin, when maintenance is ON, to give access only to admin (not customers) with front end login ? Thank you !

Hi is this plugin compatible with php 7?

Yes, compatible with php 7

bg-overlay progress background color on each time box is not working!

Hi there!

Thank you for using our product.

Please visit our live chat at so we could discuss the solution.

Hi, I see the plugin has not been updated for over 3 months now, meaning it hasn’t been tested with the newer versions of wordpress… you intend to keep supporting it or is this the end? I don’t want to buy something that is coming to it’s end of life.

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Our next update is scheduled for this month, so it will be updated soon.

My logo is getting cut off. One of the more flakier scripts I have purchased from CC. Disappointed :(

Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please create a ticket here so we could discuss the solution

How do you remove any shading to the background image used? I would like it to be it’s original colour but there’s no setting anywhere to enable this. It always shades the image based on another colour setting.

Hi there,

You should do the following:

1. Go to your website directory 2. Open wp-content > plugins > maintenance > load > css 3. Open the “style” file 4. Find “opacity: 0.4” 5. Change 0.4 to 0 6. Save changes

Logo is getting cut off after your latest update!

Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

In order to solve the issue, please delete the Maintenance FREE plugin that you have now and install the following from here:

MikesCo Purchased

Any chance adding “sendinblue” for collecting emails

Thank you for your suggestion!

We will definitely consider it for our further releases.


MikesCo Purchased

Please add feature to include links in the footer for local law standards

Hi there,

Sounds really good. Can you provide some examples?

Hello, I am customizing my page.. in the contact section, when i click send message does not work.. do not send email.. can you please help me?

Hi there,

Can you please clarify what contact section you are referring to? Since our Maintenance plugin does not have any contact forms.


WEBkits Purchased

When plugin is active some users will see big red error saying: “Your browser is outdated. For a better experience, keep your browser up to date. Check here for latest versions. ” Then sends users to fake download links.
How to absolutely remove this option?


WEBkits Purchased

Why?? why give this shit option?? please explain, you get money for this plugin and still include malware why? this makes no sense.

Hi there,

Please visit our live chat at, so we could solve the issue with your website, since it appears that you are the only one who still has this issue even with the latest fix from the GitHub.

Hello, when the administrator is upgrading plugin, can with this plugin show a better maintenance mode while the site is being updated?

Hi there,

What do you mean by “better maintenance mode”?

Can your plugin change the default page that being displaied on visitors when the administrator is upgrading plugins? This is what im asking

Unfortunately, there is no such feature. You can just use our plugin and write on the maintenance screen “Plugins are currently being updated”

Well appreciated… Cheers!!! :)

You are welcome! Let us know in case anything is needed.


amolock Purchased

Im using Maintenance Pro along with Hide My Wordpress and WP Rocket. When I attempt to login to the admin via the login panel on the Maintenance Pro screen it seems to do a redirect right back to the maintenance screen. What is the fix for this? Defeats the purpose to display the login, accept proper credentials and then ultimately not log me in. Please advise.

Thanks, Angela

Angela, we have just tested the Hide My Wordpress plugin with our PRO version and everything works fine.

When you change your wp-login URL, our plugin automatically changes his login URL to match the one you put in the Hide My Wordpress plugin. Therefore, there should be no problems.

If you still face the same issue, please visit our live chat at so we could discuss the solution.

Why do I have to have both FREE and PRO installed and activated for PRO to work?

Free version provides all the main functions of the plugin and PRO plugin is a kind of add-on – it just adds extra functionality to the Free version. Hence, PRO version will not work if the Free version is not installed or activated.


installed pro version but dont know how to active pro feature. like countdown times, social button, mail option etc. plugin acting as like normal version

Hi there,

First of all, you should install the Free version, then install the PRO version. Then you should activate both versions and you will see additional features in the Maintenance section in your WordPress admin panel.


Your plugin looks very nice :)

Just one question please: It seems that the blur effect is always active, although we turned it off.

We unchecked the blur effect and set the value in the field to “0” too. But, nevertheless, the background images always appear under a grey layer.

So, how can we present the background images without blur effect or dark layer?

Thank you!

Hi there.

Yes, you are right. The background has a dark overlay by default.

In order to remove it, please paste the following code in the CSS Code field:

body > .main-container:after{ opacity: 0;

Thanks for your solution – it works fine with this css code :)

Another question please: There is a field for copyright notes. In Safari browser the content of this field jumps up and appears between the other contents above (contents from text editor above).

Do you have a solution for this issue too?

Thank you

Can you please share a link to your website?

Please also specify what OS you are using and Safari version