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bought plugin, says to download free version for pro to work, activated it and results kept my homepage still visible but broken wp 4.7, looked at reviews and says to download master from github, that worked as a free version then tried to activate pro, and no features appear. What did I pay for? not working

Try to check in different browser. If you a logged as wordpress user you see website in normal mode.

tested on mac, pc chrome firefox edge ans safari, desktop, mobile and tablets, cleared browser cache as well as cdn cache, same results breaks in 4.7 leaves home page if i use free from and the pro version, if i deactivate free and install master from github, pro is still activated but features not avail with the master activated, if i deactivate master and reactivate free, the pro features show, what i had to do is set features in pro, deactivate free activate master, then maintenace page looks as it should but because master is activated pro features dont show in panel. this is a very bad work around

Please send request in our support with link to your website, because we can’t reproduce your issue

after latest update of Maintenance, Maintenance Pro doesn’t work anymore. I have together correctly installed and active, but in Maintenance tab are present only settings for free version

Maintenance PRO 3.3 – WordPress plugin (Update) In Queued for Review on codecanyon. Should be available today. Also latest update don’t have any core changes, so it’s not possible that it stopped work. You can send link to your website in our support, we will check

please, seems I’m not the only one with this problem. Pro features dont show in panel. We have paid software that doesn’t work

Please wait version 3.3, you can send request to support and we will provide you latest version of plugin

Can’t install the Pro Version. Error message: “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.” (FYI, I’ve installed & activated the free version, it’s working though) Please help. Thanasut

Please unzip downloaded folder from codecanyon and upload only without documentation :)

It’s working now! Thanks :)

Good evening, The plugin it bug, we have more access to the other functions of the plugin? Thank you

please, seems I’m not the only one with this problem. Pro features dont show in panel. We have paid software that doesn’t work

please make sure if you have a latest plugin version, please send request to our support

HTML iframe embedding is not working. Please help.

we temporary removed it because it have a conficlit with other plugins, we are looking for solution at the moment, you can send request to our support and we will provide you modified version of file with HTML embedding iframe support,

Your support site can’t be reached. Could you please send it to modeling22 at Thanks.

The most interesting company. They update first the free module messing up the settings then they release the PRO version. How wonderful is that.

Settings was not messing, it was just not visible. We changed actions in order to remove conflict with ninja forms plugin. We updated plugins together and codecanyon admins have delayed approved process for 3 days, sorry

Plugin doesn’t seem to be working. Having the same issue as others. Installed the plugin, but there are no options displayed aside from those available in the free version. Would not recommend purchasing until fixed.

Please make sure if you have latest plugin version

If you have a problems, please send request to our support

I just tried to change a setting for the pro version and since the last update the pro version settings are not available?? I then downloaded and updated to 3.3 from codecanyon which I ASSUME is going to update the pro version?? but the settings are still not there Currently the FREE version is 3.3 and the PRO VERSION is 3.2. What gives??

I removed the PRO Version and re-installed the latest version from CC and the PRO plugin is reading as version 3.2??? Still no extended functionality???

Latest maintenance pro version is 3.3 If you have 3.3 installed settings would be available.

Hello pro version settings are not available. I have installed the newest Version. My template is flatsome.

What can i do?

Regards Martin

Latest maintenance pro version is 3.3 If you have 3.3 installed settings would be available.

Okay. If i download “Installable Worpress file onliy” comes the Version 3.2 If i download “All files & documentation) there ist the Version 3.3 included.

Please check your uploaded files because there are different packages.

Version 3.3 works fine.

Thanks for information, we will contact envato support regarding this questions


IvoPoe Purchased

I bought the Plugin with the idea to allow certain users access throug roles. Unfortunately I have to determine that this does not work as I would like.

My settings are as follows:

- page is multisite (!) - Plugin settings for all Sites in this Network are the same - There is a user with the role Editor - I log in with this user in wp-admi but have no access to shared pages in Front - Login in Maintenace screen (right side) doesnt work also - Maintenance screen is always on - only Login with the Super-admin shows me the Frontside

Please write me a solution because the plugin makes no sense for me Have wrote also Support-Ticket!

(sry for bad english ….)

Thanks for purchasing our plugin, please continue conversation with our support team


IvoPoe Purchased

Thx for the support vs. Ticket – for this Problem the temporary solution works!


J2O Purchased

Love the plugin, I’ve been using the non-PRO version for a while and thought I’d upgrade.. :)

Quick feature suggestion:

- Add email capture without integration. It would allow us to capture name/email/gender? of users without having to be integrated with mailchimp or campaign monitor. It would just create a list of details that the admin can grab at any time.

Thanks Jay

Probably on next week :) Thanks for using our plugin


J2O Purchased

Hi Guys,

Any news on the new version? I’ll send you a message so maybe you can send me the modified version if that’s still ok?

Thanks Jay

New version will be available on next week! Thanks for contact us


yapludPQ Purchased

Great plugin ! Works very well and very easy to setup ! Overall, thanks to all the support team : quick answers and quick solutions !

Thank you! Could you rate our plugin?


Ug4t0R Purchased

Are you thinking about implementing ? If it’s possible

We can implement this for you, as custom development. Please send request to our support