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Hi, i can schedule the maintenence mode by hours? Like opening and close.

Hello. Thanks for your question. Please, read about this option and how it works in our Help center. You can set the same date of Start and End. Regards.

Hey fruitfulcode,

I need help. Your pro version is not working at all. I dont see any changes at all! I tried doing your suggestion by checking it on other browsers and it still persists!

Please help!

After looking at the comments here. I see that you have version 3.3? Then what the heck is going on? It gave me 3.2 after redownloading here on your download page?

nevermind, it work now after redownloading it for the 3rd time. Now the shortcode of formcraft is not working anymore. How to fix this please? I see that rocaceres is facing the same problem with me. that his CF7 was stop working. Any updates how to make shortcodes work on your plugin please?

Hello. Thanks for using our plugin.Please send a request to our Support with admin accesses to your website for checking settings.


We are trying your plugin (currently free version). A question please:

There is the option “Enable frontend login”. We want to use the login, but not the link “Lost Password”.

Where can we remove this link? Can you tell us the file name and line number or how does it work?

Thank you!

Hi. Thanks for using our plugin. Unfortunately, by default plugin options it is possible only to Enable frontend login form or disable it included the link “Lost Password”. Regards.


Unfortunately you have not answered my question:

Which file of your plugin includes the link “Lost Password” ?

Please tell me the file name and the line numbers. It’s always possible to remove a link if you know where it is.


Unfortunately, our free support doesn’t include: Customization, Custom coding, Support for 3rd party plugins. If you need additional customization or changes in plugin, we can provide estimates.Regards.


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Hello, I don’t know if it’s only me or, but the option “Apply background blur” doesn’t work on full browsers/pc browser, it works normally on phones and tablets. Can you please check why or provide possible fix for it?

Hi. Unfortunately, we are not able to reproduce your issue on our demo. Please send a request to our Support with admin access to your website for checking settings.

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Hello, had to say that this plugin is awesome! looks good and works good, only one question that comes up is, how to have some kind of background for the text?? like it’s really hard to read text no matter what background of color text I use, text is really hard to read without it’s own background or something alike… Please help with suggestion or solution? and can this option be implemented on next update?

Hello. Unfortunately, it is not possible by using default plugin options and we have no plans in nearest future to change options or design of plugin. Regards.

Hi. I tried to download the recently updated version of the PRO maintenance plugin from the downloads section, but when I open the zip file it says:

~ cannot create maintenance-pro etc etc

~ the filename or volume label syntax is incorrect etc etc

I’ve tried to download dozens of times now on multiple browsers, so it’s definitely a corrupt file issue, not a browser issue

Please reupload to code canyon/envato

Extracted using 7zip. Same errors.

Thanks. Worked.

Hi, Can you plugin do the following 1) Deactivate my entire MU network? 2) Deactivate each site instead of the entire network?

Also wanted to ask: 3) When certain users are allowed to log in while the site is in maintenance mode are they alse able to log into the back-end?

If I want to turn off maintenance mode for the entire network
switch maintenance to off for main website in the network

I went to Primary Site’s plugin settings and turned it off. Other sites still show maintenance page when I view them. It’s not working as described above.

You say I can adjust global settings for the plugin in the main “primary” site. I did a test and unchecked “Enable frontend login”. Went to one of the subsites and it’s still there. The settings of the Primary Site do not seem to be global, affecting all subsites.

We will check global plugin settings. Try to choose different plugin settings for each sites in network it’s work, i’ve just tested in our networks. If you don’t see changes, maybe it’s server or browser cache

Hello! The Google Maps embedd code cannot be added on the Maintenance Page, even in the HTML popup window option of your plugin.

Can you please show me how to embedd a google maps location in your page? If it cannot be done right now, please consider this a request, I think it would be useful for many of your clients.

Thanks :)

Hello. Unfortunately, plugin does not support Google Maps in HTML popup by default. Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider it. Regards.

Thank you for your answer, but please also answer the question below. Hopefully it’s easier to implement the one below. It’s related to the responsiveness of a simple jpeg image, and not to Google Maps.

Hello. Done :) Regards.

Also, why is the image (from the description field of your plugin) not beeing made responsive by default? Wordpress 4.4+ already does that, something from your plugin’s code isn’t compatible with that…

See here… ... the map image isn’t responsive on a mobile. Can you fix this?


Hello. Thanks for sharing this information with us. We will fix it. Regards.

Hello. Our developer checked your issue. Our plugin does not provide this possibility by default but we can recommend you set the logo or change img class = “alignnone” to img class = “alignnone logo” in Description. Regards.

hi. 1. do you support rtl?2. do you have auto lunch?

Hello. Thanks for contacting us. Please, find by link tutorial how to translate Maintenance into your native language Our plugin for example includes Farsi Persian (fa_IR) and Arabic (Ar) translations. Here you can find all the details how available in our plugin Countdown option works. Regards.

Hi, I’m looking for multisite maintenance plugin. 1. Does it support that when I enable enable maintenance mode and every sub-site maintenance mode too? 2. I can’t find free version, could you help me?

Does it support let each sub-site enters maintenance mode (front & back end)?

Does it support let each sub-site enters maintenance mode (front & back end).

Yes, each sub-site enters maintenance mode frontend. You can check this in free version


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Hi, I’m trying to input a script (Livezilla Chat) in the maintenance page. I don’t see a field that I could do it in in the plugin. If I wanted to do it manually, which page would I have to edit? Thanks.

Hi. Thank you for contacting us.Unfortunately, our plugin does not support it by default options. It is possible only by custom development. If you will need any customizations our project manager will provide estimates.Regards.


When i activate maintenance (and set the website to open when countdown is finished) nothing happens. Maintenance page is stuck on countdown saying 00/00/00/00 and page tries to refresh itself but it’s stuck in a refresh loop (icon in browser show the refresh icon acting like if he tries to refresh the page but doesn’t succeed). I’ve tried on chrome, firefox and internet explorer and it’s the same thing.

Only solution is to clear cookies (but even with that page takes site takes one more minute to go back live) which is not very visitors friendly and not very convenient. Is there a way for website to go live again by itself without forcing visitors/users to clear their cookies (and wait another full minute) ? :(


Thanks for the info, i’ll do that.

There is another huge problem : i just realized that if one want to login via wp-login.php whereas it’s is under maintenance (and even exclude in maintenance settings) all he has to do is access to the website via wp-login.php :( Which make the maintenance mode and keep out people from website while under maintenance (the purpose of this plugin) useless to any one who would want to access to website through wp-login.php :/

Also, why anyone who is logged in, can continue browsing the website and is not redirected to maintenance page ? That makes no sense, the purpose is to prevent logged in user to browse the website during maintenance (it does not) and prevent logged out users to log in (it doesn’t to that as they can access wp-login)

Hello. Please, find by link below how option Exclude user roles option works . Maintenance plugin doesn’t affect on wp-login and excluded users can access to your website using it.You can hide wp-login with help of plugin WPS Hide Login.Regards.


I have just bought the plugin and added the mailchimp list ID and API and did all the setups and still not getting any updates in my mailchimp account. Can you please tell how to fix this? I have done all the settings in the backend and the mailchimp list is properly done so don’t know where the issue is. the domain is :

Thank you!

Hello. Thanks for using our plugin and contacting us. I have just checked your form and received and confirmed email about Subscription to KiraKira Studio successfully. Could you, please, check one more time? Regards.


Would it be possible to add the mail function for sending to the Subscriber WPMail, SMTP

Thank you

Hello. Thanks for using our plugin and your question. Most likely that it can be possible, but we need more your details to answer your questions correctly. Thank you! Regards.


My request is to add the PHP mail function Fonction mail()

Because I do not use mailchimp

Thank you

Hi. Yes, it is possible, but, unfortunately, it is not so easy to implement in plugin and not possible by default options. If you have skills you can do it y yourself or we can provide estimates for this customization. Regards.


Now the header always remains active, can not be turned off. People you are so unprofessional! In any abdate trivial problems, head shake.

Tom Fischer

Hello, I build websites and i’d like to know if we can use this plugin with no limit ? for each new project ? Regards, Nicolas

Hello. Thanks for interest in our product and contacting us. Yes, sure, it is possible to use on few websites. Regards.

what password is used to login from the splash screen? Same as the Wordpress login? if so mine does not work after changing the admin password in Wordpress.


Hello. Thanks for using our plugin and your question. Yes,username and password for Maintenance login form are the same as wp-admin username and password. Regards.