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Just purchased – font awesome social icons not showing mobile?

if you have website with both addresses, that means website duplicates. You can send request to our support, we will check

Nothing to do with it at all – crap support. I fixed with 1 line of code.

Try to use only free plugin version We have 400 000 active installs and 2 millions of downloads. If you have fix the bug with 1 line of code for your website please contribute plugin on Github

reboot Purchased

Anyone have a fix for the social icons not showing and showing as squares? Tried all the fixes and nothing working…

Please send link to your website to our support


We ran into a pretty big issue tonight that was caused by the smallest of problems from this plugin…

I don’t know why, but you’re not using all lower case letters on the parent folder of this plugin (which is pretty standard practice).

I’ve seen you use both of these before…



Because of this we accidentally ended up with a duplicate of your plugin on our site, each with different case sensitivities. It happened through a Git push and auto deployment to our server. The duplicate instances of the plugin then crashed our entire server.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would rename this plugin folder to all lower case letters like this:


We had an entire night of investigations here that were all caused from this one tiny thing.

~ Michael

Ok, we will upload maintenance-pro in next release. Also you can rename plugin folder by yourself on your server.

Thank you, I appreciate that!

We had in fact renamed the folder, and that is what caused the problem. There was an accidental replication between our Git remote and production site because of a difference in case-sensitivity. I’ve fixed it now, but I want to avoid this occurring in the future by having the plugin folder in all lower case to begin with.

ok, we will pay attention on this. Thanks!

Hi, pre-sell question. Is it possible with your pro plugin, when maintenance is ON, to give access only to admin (not customers) with front end login ? Thank you !

Hi is this plugin compatible with php 7?

Yes, compatible with php 7