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Hi, I am interested in your application but need to get some facts before I make a purchase since I could not test them on your demo platform. I know it is a lot to ask but I have gone through your system and I must say am impressed, where I come from we say “Respect Man”.

Payment Gateway – Is there any section to add custom payment gateway API that you do not have the extension listed? if not why not add such section.

Template Gallery – As you had a store menu for the purchase of an extension, is there a way one can build a list of templates that customers can see and buy or download free to instantly use for their campaign. And do you templates have thumbnail preview

Drag and Drop Builder – I researched online that MBuilder mbuilder.co can be integrated with Mailwizz but I don’t see any mention of it as an extension. But this extension was posted in your forum. Do you have your own custom DNDB?.

CKEditor/Campaign – Campaigns come in different formats nowadays, can your editor create custom campaigns like Ecards to send to customers or subscriber list with a text block added on an image to pull recipients name from a list and senders name. example: http://prntscr.com/ezr63j or prntscr.com/ezr63j . would be fantastic if you consider making the CKEditor or Drag and Drop Editor do this.

Registration Shortcode – On you demo there is no shortcode admin can copy to a different environment like WordPress page so when a landing page is built for public, you don’t need to visit the customer URL first to register, like its done on other EMS (mailchimp, icontact, constantcontact, aweber).

Dashboard – Please can you make the dashboard customizable based on Admin or customer preference. Some customers might want to have a different or added analytics to the one already displayed there. And I noticed that the Image on your preview is different from the demo dashboard, it would be nice to have the dashboard display section information at a glance as seen in the preview image on code canyon. The dashboard should allow selection of charting styles. I would like to see an alert or listed section of about to expire customer subscription so that they can be contacted in time for renewal.

Upgrade Version – Version on code canyon reads but on your forum, there are mentions of 1.3.9.x. Why is code canyon not updated?

Themes – Do you have Themes for sale or where can compatible themes be purchased?

What are the difference in front end area and customer area?

A/B Testing – No A/B testing, would be appreciated if it is added.

Aside: It would be great if you can build a financial version of this to integrate to financial institution system to send automated emails when client transaction is performed.


Thanks for the kind words, let’s see your questions :)

1. Payment gateways are hard to implement, they need custom programming and they have to be packed as extensions. However, please note that a developer can easily clone an existing payment gateway and change it accordingly to use another payment gateway.

2. You can define your templates from the backend area, categorize them as you wish, then customers can see them in the customer area and import them in their own gallery for personal use. We don’t have the option to buy templates and i don’t think we will implement it anytime soon, but beside this, it’s all there. We generate thumbnails either when you preview a template or we try to detect a screenshot.png file in your uploaded template to use it as a thumbnail. If these fails, we just pick largest image from the template.

3. No drag and drop builder, last months we have put serious efforts into improving the app so we didn’t had the time. As i said earlier in comments, at the moment it is not a priority for me. We will have a drag and drop builder but i don’t have an eta for it.

4. CKeditor can do anything. Really, if you learn a bit of css/html then you can do wonders. If you upload any template you have created with any template builder, then it will display just fine in CKEditor and you cane dit it accordingly.

5. I am assuming you are talking strictly for customers that register to use the app as a SAAS platform. You are right, there is no such shortcode and the reason is simple, the customer login/registration form is protected by csrf tokens which makes embeding in other sites impossible. Mailwizz supports themes so you could design one. Or you can do what most of people do. Setup a wordpress on the master domain and send people for registration on a subdomain where mailwizz is installed.

6. What happens is that we started to rewrite the way the app looks, so the new look didn’t get all the features we need to add because we wanted to do it right. It’s a work in progress and we add new things to it in each release. I can’t promise that exactly what you want will be added, but i can tell you for sure we always are working to add and improve things, i.e: few versions ago we didn’t had these nice graphs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7fuzxg7ogpfzri/Screenshot%202017-04-23%2020.14.32.png?dl=0 (dummy data) but we do now.

7. As we speak version is in the upload queue at CC. It takes several days to get approved, however, my customers can contact me at anytime to get whatever version of mailwizz they need.

8. We don’t have official themes yet. Most of our customers design for their specific use cases and it’s obvious they won’t share.

9. To understand what is the difference between the backend and customer area, one should look at https://kb.mailwizz.com/articles/understanding-the-application-structure/ but in short terms, backend is for app administration while customer area is for app customers.

10. No guarantee for this, it’s one of those features we always wanted to get into but we never got the chance because always other stuff was more important.

Not sure where exactly you’re going with the financial version, but i am always open to suggestions, so if you could PM me some details via our forums would be awesome.

Hope i answered clear enough, but if i haven’t, please get in touch or write here and i’ll do my best.


Hi there. I am not able to login in the demo accounts. Pls fix this. Thank you.


I just tried now and it works, make sure you don’t copy the email/password with trailing spaces ;)



KZach Purchased

Can you add in Overall Reports (MIS) the List and Sending Server use?


The list is added already. The server doesn’t belong there because a campaign can send through dozen servers.



KZach Purchased

Ok, can you add it in “overview” page under “details” maybe next to “filtered sent to”. It’s important to see which servers where delivering good and which one causing bounce, etc.


Please add your feature request at https://forum.mailwizz.com/forums/feature-requests/

Thank you.


First of all, thanks a lot for the great solution provided to E Mail Marketers.

I wish I had come to know about this couple of years back.

I have two questions before I make a purchase.

1. I usually prefer to set up an autoresponder series for any of the lists I create, rather than sending campaigns. So if i transfer my current setup to mailwizz and want to add autoresponder mails for say one year for each of my lists, then how can I be assured that my old subscribers will be getting the new mails that I keep creating as an autoresponders?

2. If I will be using only third party SMTP service providers for mail delivery, what would be an assistance from your side when I am required to shift all of my sites to VPS due to gradual increase in my subscribers base?

All I want is an automated system in place working for me and I must not be getting involved into some content related or technical issues once I complete the required work for mailwizz integration.

Thanking you.