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Nice addon, Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you :)

Easy install! Love it! What version of the Stripe API has this been tested with?

I have the option in Stripe to upgrade my API and I would like to do so. Thanks!


It’s using v2 of Stripe API.


A pre-sale q: does this work as a monthly recurring payment?

Unfortunately no payment gateway in mailwizz can do recurring for now. Is planned for future.

So, that is, only annually payments for now, right?

Not really just annually, you can set the validity of a price plan for whatever period of time you need, then at expiration, your customers can buy more. it’s just it doesn’t automatically charge your customer when their credits are done or the allowed time for using those credits expired, customers must do the renewal action manually… if that makes any sense to you :)

I will buy it when it will have recurring payment option. :) thanks

Hi there.. I just brought this and wonderig if we can set up recurring payments?


Mailwizz will support recurring billing from the next version (no ETA for it now) and because of the changes and because not all people want recurring payments, there will be a separate stripe extension for recurring billing.


Okay is there anyway you could do custom work for this. ?

Sorry, i don’t have the time to take any custom work, my plate is full :-s

Hello … we are getting this message when we try to process LIVE. Please wait, processing your request… Test mode works great any idea what is happening ?


Clean the application log, try using stripe again, and when it says processing… go back to the application log, refresh the page and see if it logged any error and if it did, or if it didn’t, open a support ticket so that i can look into it.


Any EAR on the renewal extention or script ?

What’s that?

Does this only work with creditcards or all payment options stripe has to offer for example Bancontact and sofortbanking? While I just ordered it and it like the description says its an Stripe integration, nowhere its mentioned it only support creditcard payments.


No, the Stripe api is just fine and the description of the extension simply outlines what the extension can do, nothing less, nothing more, people know exactly what type of processing should expect from a integration with Stripe, that is credit card processing.

You also have screenshots that clearly shows how the extension will work, and if anything unclear, you can ask pre-purchase questions to clear your doubts at any time, so there is absolutely nothing to imply this extension would work in any other way than advertised.

I don’t even get your rating related to this either, makes no sense to rate that way an extension that works absolutely as advertised, but what do i know…

Please keep in mind that you can always hire a developer to do whatever type of integration you wish with Stripe, we offer these extensions for the common usage.


Good afternoon,

The problem is simple, there is an older version from Stripe in this extension. Hiring a developer is no problem at all if it was the updated version from Stripe, then it would take like 2/3 hours to add additional payment options. Now because this version is installed:

There is no way to install for example because the newer version is get values by elements and in the installed version its getting it by post methods.

So the title was misleading, its not a integration with Stripe Payment Gateway. Its a integration with Stripe Creditcard payment Gateway.

Of course it’s a credit card implementation, look at the screenshot, it’s clearly from the start, how can you even think otherwise. Does it say in any place that it accepts other type of payments than credit cards?

Read Stripe’s history and you’ll see they are a credit card processor.

I don’t even know why we’re having this discussion.

P.S: There is no such thing as Stripe Credit Card Payment Gateway. It’s just Stripe.

Anyway, thanks for your input.

Hi there, just a few questions.

1) Has there been a recurring payment option for MailWizz? Is this it?

2) Does this allow customers to set up their own accounts after a payment is processed?

Please, what is the difference in this plugin, MailWizz EMA integration with Stripe to MailWizz EMA integration with Stripe Payment Gateway for Subscriptions?


“MailWizz EMA integration with Stripe Payment Gateway for Subscriptions” allows recurring payments while this one doesn’t.

Thank you.

So can both stripe payment method be used at the same time and how?

You can use both at once but they differ in purpose. With this extension the customer is charged only once and when his price plan ends, he will have to renew his plan again, manually. With the other extension all this is done automatically.