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Good job, looks great! :) is paid service, so after parchase this extension need to pay also ?

Yup, you need an account with, i wrote this in the product description ;)

This extension simply connects your mailwizz app with so that it validates all email addresses that are added into the app.

Awesome, but man, it´s expensive….

Is it possible to set for which user the service will be applied? If not, that’s my suggestion, because without it this resource becomes unuseful cus will be very expensive in my case!

This extension is global, to make sure all emails added into the system are valid. Will look into adding ability to use it only for certain groups, though it beats the purpose.

For now it is more suited for people that use mailwizz as a personal solution rather than for people that use it as a saas platform.

If you make an extension for, I will buy the main script + extension soon as it is ready.

That’s easy enough, i had a spare hour this morning and i just finished the bulkemailchecker extension, will upload it at end of the week and will be available at the start of the next week most likely ;)

See and

Awesome! I’ll be watching for it to be added, thank you!

Hello, What about the price is really cheap. if you can build extension it’s will be really a best

Great, thank you for your support, you are the best

Can i do any optimization to import list more quickly ?

Try tuning the import from Backend > Settings > Import/Export. Also, please use for anything related to operating the app ;)

Hi! When will you release the BulkEmailChecker extension? :)


I have been away for a few days, just got back today and will resume regular work including the uploading of extensions.


hi, when u can publish on codecanyon new extension of bulkemailchecker or thx


BulkEmailChecker is in the approval queue at Codecanyon, Once it gets approved, i’ll upload the other one as well.


Hi, I uploaded the file as mentioned in readme, activated the extension and then when I click to configure it : Unable to resolve the request “ext_kickbox_settings/index”. Thanks


What if you try to access: /backend/index.php/extensions/kickbox/settings, does it do it ?

Anyway, this is weird, can you try to disable and remove it and then reinstall it? Maybe it’s a caching issue or something, so try to remove the contents of apps/common/runtime folder (or rename it to smth else and create a new folder called runtime with 0777 permissions)

If the above does not cut it, just open a support ticket at mailwizz forums, and we can pick it up from there.


Ok, thanks for your reply, I post at forum because it doesn’t work.