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Great addon! Look awesome! :)

Great Ext. .. Any Demo Video How it works after adding extension with mailwizz email platform?


There isn’t that much to demo given this is one of those things that work in background and silently do their job.


Hi! Thank you for this extension!

Just purchased and have few quick questions that may be helpful to others pre-purchase:

1 – When are the emails validated in the workflow? Right before the email campaign is sent/sending? Or is it during the list creation?

2 – Are the emails validated on a one time action, or are they validated continuously/as specific action happens? (depending on answer to question above i suppose)

Part of the reason for my questions is that Bulk Email Validator seems to have an API limit of 1,500 calls per hour. So this would be a problem if the validation occurs as the campaigns are sent, but not such a problem if validation occurs when lists are being created/modified, as you could plan for this delay ahead of time.

Thank you sir!

Also will it validate emails already loaded into platform, or only new ones?

Thanks again!


Good questions, let’s see:

1) Mailwizz calls EmailBlacklist::isBlacklisted() in many situations. It does it when you send campaigns, it does it when you import subscribers or when subscribers subscribe via api or from subscription forms. EmailBlacklist::isBlacklisted() is the one that contains the hook where all the email validation extensions hook into to perform validation, that is, after all the internal mailwizz checks are done, these action hooks are called which in turn call these extensions and they perform validation. Please note that there is also an internal cache going on, to avoid unnecessary remote calls.

2) As from above, they are validated under multiple contexts, which makes sense because an email address added today in a list can be valid, but in a month can become obsolete and not valid anymore. This way mailwizz has a chance to test its validity right before sending an email, which avoids a bounce.

Related to the bulk email checker api limitation, you could contact them and see if they can make exceptions, worth the try they seem pretty nice. Another thing to mention is that, at any given time, if a validation api gives an error like the fact you are over quota or the like, then the extension automatically deactivates itself to avoid getting you in troubles with certain email validation services.

3) It will do both, but depending on scenario, at import will only do new emails while at email sending will do all.

Please keep in mind that those extensions are limited like so because mailwizz did not had a way of doing bulk blacklist check or to detect for which customer the checks are done. This has changed in the development version, so we will have more flexibility starting next version where we will be able to edit these extensions and give them much more options.

Hope it helps.


Hi! Thank you for this extension! I have a simple but important question. Can I activate/deactivate this extension f certain users or users groups ? If that’s not already included, are planing to add this functionality soon ? Thank you.

This functionality will be added after releasing mailwizz

Hi I have a list that I want to be clean. Could I use this with unlimited usage or is there limitation?

There’s limitations of course, depending on your bulkmailchecker.com account quota.

hi is possible offer the email checker to certain client? maybe the client can purchase byself the credits for list check.

this was on the todo list for near future but i got lots of work to do on mailwizz itself that i postponed working on this exact enhancement till i’m done with the main app.

Hello – they are dropping rest V3 in July – have you made changes tot he plugin to work with RESTful API v4? thanks


We’re using V3 already.


Ah, my bad, this is what you get when reply before drinking the morning coffee.

I am looking at their info for V4 ( https://panel.bulkemailchecker.com/rest-api-v4/ ) and it is just the same usage like for V3, only the endpoint changes and the endpoint is something you can set from the extension settings.

So i think we are fine with the change.

Does it reduce credit from the user credits for every email that is verified?

What to validate the emails? The app does this for you when emails are imported in the system or when a campaign is sent.

i configured it but not sure if the api is being fired.. i added 1000 credits in the bulk email amount but there is 0 usage.. new emails were imported while the api was active.. can i check in some logs if the api was fired..

please advice..

Please open a support ticket at https://forum.mailwizz.com so that i can look into it. Thanks.

Hello. System is running automatically. Its ok. But can we choose which customer use the verification service? I think in the current situation when all customers add e-mail verification system check mail automatically. We are working prepaid with customers. But if we cant choose aktivate or deactivate plugin for customers optionally, we should change payment system prepaid to the pay after verification. What is your opinion ? Thanks.


This is something we need to implement, for now it’s not possible.

Thank you.

Hello Team Would like to know all the new list added by the customer accounts also will it get verified? And can the customer see the email verification status and the admin ?

we got this resolved with the mail service provider

however your extension is sending multiple connections to API. We want to restrict the count of connections to work at one time.


I just purchased the licence .. did you managed to create this feature :

“Can I activate/deactivate this extension for certain users or users groups”

Also a good option will be for each client to be able to add their own bulkchecker account , activate – deactivate the feature and also to see the limit left on bulkchecker from the mailwizz account


Inca nu, nu am avut timp in ultima vreme de extensii, am investit mai mult timp in aplicatie, dar imi voi face timp si de extensii ;)


Just purchased it and uploaded the archive to my backend and it isn’t showing up in the list of extensions: First it says it is uploaded. But then it doesn’t show up in the lists: http://screencast.com/t/r7CQ3TJcGyTK. Tried uploading three times. Refreshing the screen a half dozen. Had the same problem with the backup plugin but that one eventually showed up. This one is not.

It is in the directory: http://screencast.com/t/LIwlxsvv



i followed the instructions. This seems like a bug to me.

1. Downloaded the extension

2. Went to the backend and uploaded the archive or zip version of the extension. Have done this three times.

3. It does NOT show up in the list of extensions: http://screencast.com/t/xY6EV1ye. That is the FULL list of all extensions that my system is showing me. NOT there. If it is there and I’m missing it, please tell me which extension name it is.

4. Checked FTP to see if in the directory. It is. See previous screenshot. See this one with arrows point to the directory: http://screencast.com/t/VmYbl8uFn.



Please open a support ticket with backend login to your app and some ftp login so that i can take a look since i am not sure what you’re doing wrong there.


First time using Mailwizz. Like the feature where you can move the email to another list once its opened. The problem I am having is that once that email is open and moved to the other list and the person tries to unsubscribe, they cant because it says it cant find them. My guess is because the unsubscribe link that was initially sent is for the list they were on prior to the move. Is there a way to address this?

I have already done so and it takes long for somebody to answer my question. Why not have a ticketing system or email to handle support questions. A forum in not my idea of support

The forum contains an area where you can open support tickets ;)

You’re right. Didnt see that :)

what’s in 22 November 16? update new feature? how this will work?

Actually this is an extension for mailwizz, so yes, you need MailWizz ;)

validation of email is not free i think so?

That is correct, there is no such free service afaik.

we have teste the extension it is not working we have make a account for 1 mill. put in the api code. and starte to import just to test we importe 10 emails. and it just import it and not use the extension and yes it is aktiv. so the extension has a bug or not work whe the new version of mailwizz.


Please create a support ticket at https://forum.mailwizz.com (see support tickets tab after you login) and include your app login and ftp to your server and bulkemailchecker.com login so that i can test this. Please test and make sure all credentials work so that we avoid wasting time with wrong logins.

Please note we don’t work weekends so the response might get to you just on Monday, though sometimes we check back in weekends.

(site thing, make sure you use a proper api url in the extension settings, people often get that wrong for some reason)


fund the bug rember to changes the url to : http://api-v4.bulkemailchecker3.com


can create a script for this service, it is very cheap. thank you. https://everifier.org


I created the extension today and will publish in on CC so it will be available in a few days.


hello the v3 api is deprecated. can we switch to http://api-v4.bulkemailchecker.com or there will be an update?


Just use that url for the api (in the extension settings) instead of the v3-one and it should work just fine.


Hi, just a couple of questions before i buy it… ¿Can I go trough my lists to check for invalid emails? Or just the new ones? does the invalid emails are deleted or blacklisted? Thanks


Yes you can do this, you can select for what parts of the app the list checking will happen. Invalid emails are blacklisted.