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Is there a feature when you import email address to send out a opt in email to those to confirm? Need answer ASAP!

sorry, currently no

Hi, i have one problem,

MyMail is not able access the filesystem! If you have issues saving templates or other files please add this line to you wp-config.php:

define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’);

I try to change the file, but the problem persist.

could you help me?

Hi tradicy!

Sorry for the troubles!

Can you please open a new ticket?


I also have a problem with the “Download failed. Purchasecode invalid.”. And as I did hide that setting from the settings menu, I can’t seem to change it either. So, where can I get to change the Purchase Code manually – and most of all, why does it say it’s invalid????

You can actually read this on that specific tab ;)

Guess I could, before I picked the option to “hide” it. ;) It’s like writing down the code for your safe, and lock it into the safe in case you forget it hehe…

haha, right!

I should consider a different way to do this :)

What a great WordPress plugin.



I wanted to know if it possible that whenever i send out an campaign, the emails of people who have opened it and people who haven’t opened an be exported into excel or can we have a resend option to out emails again only to those people who havent opened the email.

Also can you let me know how i can send an opt request to the email ids i have imported.

sorry, no update. Please check the changelog regularly to know new features.


Hey any updates on my query….can this be implemented in the future versions…

no, sorry segmenting is not that easy

Hallo, Revaxarts,

sind Probleme bekannt bei myMail in Zusammenhang mit dem Einsatz des Sicherheitsplugins “Better WP Security”?

Keine Probleme bekannt. Wo sind denn Probleme aufgetreten?

Nien, sind bislang keine Probleme damit eingetreten. Habe es im Einsatz jetzt. Wollte nur nochmal nachfragen ob welche bekannt sind.

eipemkg: I use both, however I don’t have all security settings turned on, but it works fine for me. So with more basic settings, there’s no problem.

Thanks for the headup! If you can find issues please let me know!

Hi, I was checking out version details and I noticed that the image on top of your page says 1.5.1 and the changelog describes the changes up to 1.5.0. Can you please clarify or maybe update the change log?

Cheers, Frank

Hi Frank!

I’ve updated the changelog!


Great plugin. Give it a very high rating.

It would be great for the search area to also search names, not only emails. Often the email is too random to remember and search by name is the only option.


I’ll try to implement this!

Wonderful. Look forward to this. Thank you.

After only posting boring questions here, I need to do what I am meant to do here: Comment it as a product.

This is surely one of the most professional WP plugins I have ever seen. The interface is really nice and “fool proof”, and quite easy to get hold of. Settings needed to be done are few, and worked out-of-the-box for me. Bought an additional template, which was really simple to make your own adjustments to. Contrary to my fears, it steals very little PHP-memory, and once I disabled Ajax for front end forms, the load time isn’t really affected at all.

I don’t know how it works for sending like tens of thousands of mails, I am not that kind of user. But for several hundred or several thousand subscribers it’s great – and by far the best price ever compared to what you get.

Thanks so much, always appreciated!

irgendwie werden bei mir keine mails versendet :(. testmail funktioniert, aber die kampagne wird nicht versendet. smtp testnachricht funktioniert auch.

Hi ticilo!

Sorry for the troubles!

Can you please open a new ticket?


How to align the input submit to center?

Can you explain that further

You can try to add this css:
.mymail-form .mymail-submit-wrapper {

Hope that helps!

Great tip! 5 stars!


When can you implement email list scrubbing for bogus email addresses? Maybe startout with just a simple MX domain check, that shouldnt take long to implement? OR does your script already check for mx before it sends an email? What im suggesting is lets say you check your list, it just adds a flag that marks an email subscriber either valid or invalid…. and when a list is mailed out it only sends to valid emails… Im not sure if you would want to automatically delete an email subscriber if the email domain doesnt check out (incase it doesnt check out due to error, that would suck having a good email deleted, so best to just mark invalid/valid and can always rescrub a list?)

Hi abizzert!

Thanks for the feedback!

It’s would take too much resources when checking each subscribers domain on import. Maybe I can do that for the front page signup.

I’m doing some research on this topic!


Hi, just wanted to know if you’ve implemented Amazon SES compatibility?

Habe ebenfalls Probleme sofern define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’); in die wp—config eingetragen wird. Updates funktionieren danach nicht mehr korrekt weil user:group apache ist und nicht mehr der eigentliche Eigentümer der Domain und somit FTP User nicht mehr stimmt. Gibt es eine andere Lösung die es über Ordnerberechtigung lösen kann?

WordPress brauch die Rechte um Dateien zu schreiben. Mehr dazu auf WordPress.org

How do you export users?

Click on Mange Subscribers => Export

This option isn’t shown in the demo correct?

Yes I’ve disabled them in the demo. Check this video for a screencast: http://www.screenr.com/JAr7

Hi, is their a way to allow a subscription via facebook? Like the app of Mailchimp?

best regards – and greeetings from Baden bei Wien :) Martin

Currently not but I’ll check that!

Thanks for the feedback!

I do have an Issue with the subscription Form… when i submit I am wating forever (several minutes) and then i get redirekted to mysite/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

I tried to deactivate the Axax Form but same result…

please help

Sorry for the troubles!

Can you please open a new ticket?


I found the error… this happens when the notification template is empty… which was in may case… Thx for your Help

ok, thanks for the head up. I’ll check that!

Hi I need to update the plugin, where do I found the purchase code?

I think Envato changed their way of displaying it, it is not in the download area anymore…

Thank you,


Where do I find my purchase code to enable automatic updates?

Thank you for that. I couldn’t find that page anywhere