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Hi, I try your demo in your official web site. I check Alvin Brown in subscribers list. In detail I see that he is confirmed the subscription. I see the confirmation date and ip. Alvin Brown subscribed two different list Big List and Blog update. And I try to add Alvin Brown to Big List from Manage subscribers menu. I add the email address of Alvin Brown to paste section. Then I select the Big List from “add contacts to following lists” and from Import as: section I select ” ignore or as defined above” because I don’t want to change Alvin Brown’s subscription status. Then I select “merge” from “Existing subscribers:” section because I want to keep the info added to the profile just merge update the subsribed list. It imports the contact successfully but when I checked the profile detail I see that confirmation info has been gone “confirmed at: unknown ” . this a try when I try to add thousands of contact to a new list this is the easiest way of doing this. I need such feature and I see there is a problem in merge . I want to buy your plugin in a few days but is it possible to solve this problem.


I’ve a very urgent feature request. When I import subscribers, it would be important, to have a Checkbox “never change status of existing subscribers”.

I can’t always choose skip, because sometimes I get new informations, e.g. salutation, which i want to add to existing subscribers, but when i choose merge, all the unsubscribed subscribers change to subscribed again! :-O

When could you implement this feature?

Regards Andy


This should work if you choose ”ignore or as defined above” on the import screen.

Of course only if you don’t define it in one of the columns!

Hope that helps!


thanks for your reply. What happens to new subscribers, when I choose “ignore or as defined above”? Do the get the status subscribed?

HI. I have a big import problem with the registration date.

If i import a few contacts WITHOUT a registration date and DIDNT check the option “Used registration date if not define: DATE” all dates will set to undefined.

(import option merge)

The registration date of the existing subscribers should be ignored.

If i import this:
check the option and choose a date i didn’t get the choosed date for the second contact. The result is:

Can you help me pls?


So you don’t’ know the date for the second user. What should there be instead?

MyMail should import it without a date.

Please help me to understand this a bit better.


Hi. Thanks for your quick reply.

I have 2 problems:

1. I want to import this 2 users.


The first one has a registration date. The second not.

I check the option “Used registration date if not define: 15-05-11”. After the import the second user didn’t get the chossed date (15-05-11) but “unknown”. (Image:

My problem is that the second user didn’t get the choosed date.

2. But the biggest problem is: “If i import a few contacts WITHOUT a registration date (already exist as subscriber) and DIDNT check the option “Used registration date if not define: DATE” all registration dates will set to “unknown”.

(import option merge)

The registration date of the existing subscribers should be ignored.”

1. Import some data (without registration date column):

2. Thats the result:

3. Than i import a few contacts (In this case, the same contacts, because the subscribers list is updated regularly with a csv from the CRM.):

4.Thats the result:

I think the registration date of existing subscribers should be ignored in this case?

New Requirement for Load Accounts – Hi Xaver, Is possible you can add a new option on MyMail to permit load new mail accounts but during the loading process to a new List, the process can automatically exclude the mails that belongs to Bounce Group ? you know.. when is necessary create a new List with new import records MyMail set a new status and don’t permit to keep the current status of the old records…it is a big problem because we lost the bounce detected records. I APPRECIATE YOUR COMMENTS AND OPINION…

Will be great, if MyMail enable an Option like as ”Ignore Bounced Mails”, so during the load process the system just assign to a new List the new mails account as subscribe status and don’t permit activate the bounced accounts detected in before campaigns. This feature is urgent for us..thks a lot.


If you respect the subscribers status on import your bounced subscribers will still have status “hardbounced” Is that what you mean?

Hi Xaver, the issue is.. the MyMail currently does not have the option to import new mails accounts and auto-filter to Exclude the mails belongs to “hardbounced” in mymail. Example…..if you already have 1,000 hardbounced detected in MyMail and you need to import a new external list with 5000 mails to a NEW LIST as SUBSCRIBED status, the previous 1000 “hardbounced” will RESET to Subscribed status and will active to pay to process again unnecessarily…

? The feature that I request is add a NEW OPTION where MyMail can filter and exclude during the import process ALL the mail accounts that was previously detected and categorized as: [ Hardbounce, Unsubscribe, error]

Xaver Is possible you can add this feature for the next update ?

? in summary is as you mentioned.. We need: “During the IMPORT process MyMail RESPECT the current status for the already processed mail accounts”.


There’s an option ”ignore or as defined above” which should do exactly this.

Have you tried it?

Yes, Xaver.. I test that option waiting it respect the current records status..but Not, the MyMail change the imported new records to ‘PENDING STATUS’ ... Can please reproduce a test in your development environment ? I take a email from Bounce status an imported and after use your suggestion.. the test record is set as Pending…. thanks for your comments…

Xaver, to import a to a new List, Should I use the option “ignore or as defined above” with OVERWRITE action ? it that the right way to import and respect the current record status ?

? HOW TO ? Dear XAVER… please can you tell me how to import a list of email contacts and keep the current status in MyMail for the current records with status: HARD BOUNCE, UNSUBSCRIBED. I need to import each week ALL Complete List, but If i Use this option: MyMail set the New records in the list loaded as PENDING status. It don’t works for me, I need the New Records be set as Subscribed and keep the status for the current previously emails account.

? I Appreciate your help to know how do during the importing OR well which php code instruction can I modify to change the current status as Suscribe (=1) in the mymail.

? THANKS A LOT for your support and answer …

Hi gemelo1360!

I was able to repeat your problem:

if you like to merge an import with existing contacts and choose to ignore the status it will be set to “pending”

I’Ve applied a fix to the next version so wait for an update or apply this fix directly by yourself (make sure you’re on 2.0.28):

Open the subscriber.class.php in myMail/classes and add following line at line 632:

if($key == 'status' && $value == '-1')

It should look like this afterwards:

foreach($entry as $key => $value){
if($key == 'status' && $value == '-1') continue;
$data[$key] = $value;
}else if(in_array($key, $this->meta_keys)){

Thanks for reporting!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

<-*> FeedBack: Hi Xaver.. thanks for your answer. I applied your suggestion and I see the current status is respected, that is OK.. BUT for the NEW records detected by MyMail continue assign them as ‘Pending’. Pls see my Steps: (1) (2) (3) * QUESTION: What else (by hardcode or parameter) is required to change Pending by Subscribed (as Default Status) when MyMail detected NEW records during the import process receiving just the e-mail accounts as input data ?

If you ignore the status AND you have new subscribers new status will be pending.

You can try to use the merge option (Unir) and select status as “Suscriptos”

If this doesn’t work you can create another column in Excel with values of 1 (=subscribed) and map this row as status

Hope that helps!

Hi Xaver, but I can’t use value 1 as new column because MyMail will NOT respect the current status for previous records during the import. Is not practical keep the control outside of MyMail to manage the status for each record…it is very complicate for the final users.

In your code, you import the new records as ‘PENDING’ as Default Status. Can you please, tell me how can I change in the php code to SET the new records as ‘Subscribed’ ..that’s all.

If the status is not set your database will use “0” which is “pending”

If you choose to overwrite your data it will overwrite the status as well but if you choose to ignore it it will be 0 (caused by the reason above)

Can you try to “merge” them and ignore status? This should give you the expected result!

Hope that helps!

- DEAR XAVER – The way that I found to solve this issue is: In MySQL: Set 1 as predeterminate value for the field Status on Table wp_mymail_subscribers (see, so during the import process all new records detected wll be defined as ‘Subscribed’.

++Will be great if you can consider this suggestion on your software for next update, maybe something like this as optional check on screen (As default parameter for user) ->

( Thanks for your customary support)

Hi, after updating to v 2.0 the option of keeping the subscription status of the subscribers “as is” during a import of a list is disappeared :(

For example i have multiple lists. When a reader has unsubscribed, I do not want to make this reader subscribed again after a import. In the former version, it was possible to import all new subscribers as subscribed and keep the status (of subscription) ‘as is’ for existing subscribers. In the 2.0.- versions is is not possible anymore. How can I manage this? And not by first exporting the total unsubscribe list, import the new email list and import again tje unsubscribe list…. to be sure no one gets a unwanted email…..


There’s an option to ignore the status. If you combine this with the merge option you should get what you like!

Hope that helps!


No, that does not work, because I want new imported users set as subscribed! And when already in a list, and unsubscribed I want it to stay un-subscribed! your suggestion makes new imported items as pending

Hi please answer, I have noticed few people asking the same questions and you just ignore every time. I emailed you direct a few weeks ago but heard nothing back from you.

There seems to be a problem with Amazon SES duplicate emails, sometimes 3 or 4 of the same emails going to the same person.

The issue is causing me to lose valuable subscribers who are getting frustrated (as you would) with the sheer number of emails they are receiving.

Please do not ignore again.

Only limited content is showing up or is picked up on posts by the plugin

I try to use the plugin to deliver our latest posts to our subscribed customers. When the post includes iframes i.e. youtube videos or when the post includes shortcodes in the form [....] i.e. [alert box] yada yada [/alert box] the newsletter is ignoring them The videos are not in the email neither in the version on the web. The content that was formated or included with “[”....”]” “[”/...”]” is also ignored in email and web versions. Any solution?

Is there any special reason why you ignore ticket requests? I hate to drag it out here in the comments, but apparently this is the only way to get your attention, since my original ticket is being ignored since 12th of January and my subsequent ticket (about the original ticket) is left unseen since 24th of January.

What is the point of paying for the plugin and the support if I barely receive any? About a month ago I have provided access to the staging site to finally find what is the problem that is causing multiple issues on my site, but no updates and emails ignored. Original post date of the ticket? 16th of November LAST YEAR.


sigh After posting this I’ve been contacted by support all of a sudden, with apologies and everything, and one issue has been resolved (admittedly, an issue wasn’t caused by Mailster, but I was happy it got solved) and then when it came to solving the other, main issue – let Mailster handle all outgoing mail option – the support stopped. The last email I received was on 12th of February and I have sent two emails since to check on updates, but I get no reply whatsoever.

I hope your ticket/email system is just bugged or something, because ignoring an issue like this is really bad support.

If i want to send on autoresponder after I user signs up but on a specific day can I do that?

Let’s say a user signs up on wednesday. I want to send it 1 week after they sign up, on a friday. So it will send out the first Friday after 1 week has passed. I want to send it out at 7am in their timezone.

I see options to send 1 week after they sign up but not to specify the day. Is this possible? This feature would be really important to me. It’s easy to do in most third party email services for autoresponders.

Nevermind I just saw this IS an option. Disregard my ignorance, you rock.

Hi, i have a question. I created an autoresponder “sent 1min. after sign in” but it also sent to the list op people i manualy add… We have a lot of clients. I export the list from crm and imported into mymail. all those clients get automaticly the autoresponder… but they didn’t sing up fot the newsletter them selfs, but i added them. Is it possible to tackle this issue… only who sing up them selfs will get the autoresponder?


Autoresponder do not care where people are coming from. If they conditions match they get a copy. You can define a conditions like “only if” “referer” “is not” ”import

This should exclude people you import via the manage subscriber options.

Hope that helps!

humm, it’s hard to add 10k of conditions…. it isn’t possible to create an condition to exclude imported subscribers?

If you import subscribers via “Manage Subscribers” all of them get a referer of ”import”. So you just have to check this as described above.

Keep in mind subscribers added via the subscribers page have a different referer!

Hope that helps!

Ok,,, clear so: add condition: “Referrer” “is not” ”import” and add condition “Referrer” “does not contain” ”import


“Referrer” “is not” ”import

should be enough

thanks, other question… when an subscriber unsubscribe from mailinglist (list name X) and we add an new list with name Z and the subscriber is in the imported list and we choose “combine” in the import screen… will the subscriber been subscribed to the new list? of when a subscriber is unsubscribed it will overrule my import?

Ooow im been testing,,, then i have to set ”ignore or as defined above (?)” as active,, then the (un)subscribe factor is overruling… Can it set active as standard?


Yes, there’s one one status for a subscriber. If it’s “unsubscribed” it’s global.

The option on import cannot get enabled by default so you have to check it each time you import.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

i’m hard coding it.. but when there will be an update it probebly get overwritten? isn’t it more save to just enabled this option by default?

$html .= ’<label><input type=”radio” name=”status” value=”-1” checked> ’..’ </label> (<abbr title=”’.(‘Use following numbers for different statuses’, ‘mymail’).’: ’.”\n”.substr(print_r($statuses, true), 10, -3).’”>?</abbr>)

’; foreach($statuses as $i => $name ){ if(in_array($i, array(4,5,6))) continue; //$html .= ’<label><input type=”radio” name=”status” value=”’.$i.’” ’.checked( 1, $i, false ).’> ’.$name.’ </label>’; $html .= ’<label><input type=”radio” name=”status” value=”’.$i.’”> ’.$name.’ </label>’;

Alright folks. Have read through several pages of comments. From what I have determined:

1. There is absolutely NO SUPPORT 2. The author of this plugin criminally ignores even simple questions 3. DO NOT BUY!

This is a class-action suit begging to happen.

Hi, whe i send the campaign and one destinatary email is bad or other the campaign paused. Can i disable this function and ignore bad email or other? Thanks


I bought your plugin earlier and remember seeing a preview page of my newsletter, whereby I can see how it looks like on mobile / tablet / desktop but can’t seem to find that now.

Where did it disappear to?

Sorry, ignore my question, I just found it… :D

autoresponder sends e-mails to new registrations only, if I create an email autoresponder after the person is already in the list, the plugin ignores the already registered and sends only new ones that have registered, another plugin I tested here is the MailPoet for our company, it makes this function autoresponder and has an option that you select to ignore list or not, it would be great if it did mymail send the autoresponder for all registered and not only new ones. Its correcting this detail autoresponder? to send campaigns for all indepentende if I create a new autoresponder ctz have my clients that have already registered will automatically receive my campaigns? and also list scheduled addresses who will receive the emails. See the Plugin Mailpoet to see what they have to good use and will be perfect in mymail outside that they can use dynamic lists, emails, forms and users on the same page is much faster for us to work.

Sent you so many emails… Posted here as well, sent you messages through the envato contact system as well. Why aren’t you responding?

I’ve purchased 3 licenses man, please don’t ignore me, you’re breaking my heart.

is it possible to import CSV contacts?

Yes, bulk import is also available for large lists

In send mail not show link of accept subscribe, and options is active in plugin to ask user for accept subscribe

sry, ignore i’m idiot, :D it’s amazing this plugin :)

Hi revaxarts!

I have send you e-mail with questions two weeks ago (via contact form –, but still no answer!! Need your action on this! Please answer my questions!

I bought a plugin from you, and some functions are broken – and you are ignoring my (end everybody else) e-mails and questions! What the hell?

Hi, my errorlog is being overrun with this: PHP Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML() [<a href="domdocument.loadhtml">domdocument.loadhtml</a>]: htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ';' in Entity, line: 181 in /home/username/public_html/ on line 81 What should I do?

Since it’s a warning you can ignore it. I’ll suppress this message in the next update!