themondays does not currently provide support for this item.

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It seems his (support) website is also completely down…?

I think that is a bad sign. I will not purchase it before I get my questions answered and why his (support) site is down.

It doesn’t look very trustworthy at the moment…?

Hi, Does this scripd perrmit me to send personalized graphics. I would change the header image for each person on my list. Regards, j

I have just reviewed this as a potential purchase, BUT, sorry to say seems that what LOOKS like a possible investment and a solution to our needs for a newsletter mailer, looks all very much Black n White, and no colour in there whatsoever!

As a designer, rather than a programmer, I cannot see ease of use, and potential to create well designed newsletters, besides which there does not seem to be any management tools for “members” who would like to receive a newsletter, via joining a mailing list??? ODD or have I missed it somewhere???

then I went onto your forum support page!

Seems that No One is HOME anymore…. Ummm, seems like another wasted time and a route to a DEAD END.

If your NOT supporting your own S/W then please make this clear, and remove your software from sale, perhaps even provide a small refund to purchasers who are now not being supported my you! That would be nice.

If your interested in the development of this, then please WAKE UP and get your act back together…

Wow. Almost one year (awake) :)

At this moment I’m pretty busy to work on updates. However I have to do so, and I will. Script is functional and live – perfectly fits for my needs.

I’ve created list of an important fixes and features, so you can send suggestions anytime.

Sending function “random” not working

If not resolved, return the money immediately

Hi I need to use Amazon ses, it’s still working good? since it’s 2 years with no updates. Thanks