MailRock XML Newsletter (mailing list system)

MailRock XML Newsletter (mailing list system)

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MailRock XML is mass mailing newsletter system with responsive user-friendly UI written in PHP with XML store. Ultra light weight mailing list system working really fast. MailRock working without any additional DB sources such as MySQL. MailRock XML Newsletter (mailing list system) - 1

Key Features

  • Fastest system in the world
  • Multiple transports
  • Unlimited attachments
  • Queues manager
  • MySQL not required
  • Import contacts from Wordpress users table
  • Import contacts from any MySQL source
  • Mail Tracking
  • Links Tracking
  • Responsive UI
  • Work with local data store
  • Keep everything in XML files
  • Copy to backup
  • Unlimited number of queues
  • Configurable limits
  • Configurable timeouts
  • Message limit per specified time.
  • PHP mail() function
  • Cron job (scheduler)
  • Newsletter preview
  • Graphic WYGIWYS editor
  • Two step installer
  • Documentation


MailRock XML Newsletter (mailing list system) - 2

For each newsletter you can specify custom transport method. That means you can send messages from your ISP SMTP account, Gmail account, AWS or hosted services.

  • SMTP
    Supported SMTP, supported Plain Text authentication, SSL and TLS.
  • Gmail/Google Apps
    MailRock can authenticate and send from Gmail accounts.
  • Amazon SES
    Supported AWS.
  • PHP mail
  • Sendmail
  • Random (to send from random accounts)
    Each recipient receive message from random sender that was previously added to transport.


On demo page login details are preregistered by default, so you only need to click on sign in button. However to authenticate demo, you can use following login information:
Login: admin
Password: demo
Note:</storng> to avoid MailRock DEMO page from SPAM attempts, DEMO admin user can not launch sending features.

Change Log

Version: 1.4.0
        * 01: Added AWS SES transport;
        * 02: Added Gmail transport;
        * 03: Added SMTP transport;
        * 04: Added sendmail command transport;

Version: 1.3
        * 01: Added link tracking features;
        * 02: Added email tracking features;
        * 03: Improved sending functions; 

Version 1.2.1
        * 01: Improved reach-text sending functions;

Version 1.2
        * 01: Added message (newsletter) preview;
        * 02: Added MySQL contacts import;
        * 03: Improved contacts import features for Wordpress users;

Version 1.1
        * 01: Added TinyMCE editor;
        * 02: Queues list now showing newsletter subject;

New Features Screenshot

MailRock XML Newsletter (mailing list system) - 3

MailRock XML Newsletter (mailing list system) - 4
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