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This look great! Any chance you like to do a MyMail integration as well?

Let me know and I’ll send you a copy!

yes sure, i would love to ingreate for mymail. will try to finish in a week time. :) will be my pleasure

Ok send me a message via my profile. Here are some docs

Hello very nice and powerfull it is compatible with multisite ? and responsive (mobile adaptation? mailcimp?


mailpoet with arforms is addon for arforms.

thanks for complements, regarding multi site, you may use it in multi site environment however, you need to have new purchase code for each new domain.

also, yes arforms is responsive. mailchimp standard integration is already available in Arforms.


Hello, Where can I find my List ID?

Also, is it possible to edit the Mailpoet subscription confirmation page that users are redirected to after sign up to include list preferences and a name field?

Is this plugin still updated and works with new versions of WP?

yes it should work fine.

Before i buy the plugin i would ask you a question: I am using my mail and they told me that it is not so performing, i would like to replace it with mail poet. Could it be a great solution?

well, we have addon for both mymail and mailpoet. but if i tell you from my point of view then i think mymail is also not a bad option.

The Mailpoet plugin requires adding the shortcode > [activation_link]...[/activation_link] to create the dynamic activation link. I am trying to add this onto a button rather than just text, the code of the button is below, where would I place the shortcode?

<mso]>17% OFF PROMO CODE<![endif]> I tried placing them on the outside (very beginning & end) but the link doesn’t work. I tried just placing them in the beginning and end of the text “17% PROMO CODE” but this separates the text from the button.