Mailox : All-in-one eMail Tools

Mailox : All-in-one eMail Tools

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Source Code Included

If you aren’t interested in source code, you don’t need to install any third-party software, just go to the folder named ‘Bin’ and launch the .exe file

If you want to add licensing system to the project, just contact us and we will help you.

Mailox is a windows application that helps you to validate, check, manage your email lists and extract emails + send bulk emails.

Mailox has 6 tools and they are :

★ Emails Format Checker

+ Emails Format Checker: this is useful tool that help you to extract invalid emails format from large mail lists.
eg. valid format = “”, invalid format = “emailsadress@” or “emailsaress@domain” or “emailsdress”

★ Emails Domain Validator

+Emails Domain Validator: another useful tool that helps you to remove invalid emails domain and reduce the bounce rate, the tool extracts the domain from the email address and send a request and wait for an answer if he gets an answer that means the domain exists.

eg. => domain is == valid domain

eg. => domain is => invalid domain, not exist

★ Emails Extractor

+ Emails Extractor: the 3rd tool in Mailox, helps you to extract emails from 3 different sources :

1 – From a text file

2- From a single Web Page

3- From a Full Website

★ Emails List Separator

+ Emails List Separator: Use the Emails List Separator to separate the list of e-mail addresses by domain and then arrange the addresses within the domain.

For example, the input list is:

The results:

Gmail emails ,
Yahoo emails, ,
Hotmail emails
AOL emails
Other emails,
Invalid emails twi@gmail

★ SMTP Tester

+ SMTP Tester: this tool allows you to test your SMTP server if it works or not.

★ Email Automation

+Email Automation: This is a tool that sends bulk emails to recipients. You can prepare email content with HTML or plain text. You can also adjust email sending speed.

Features of Mailox

★ Smart & Optimized Tools
★ Validate email domains, and email Formats.
★ Test Your SMTP server
★ Extract Emails from Text Files, Single Page, Entire Website
★ Export Results into Text, HTML Files.
★ Send bulk emails and multiple campaigns in the same time