MailMax : Advanced Bulk Email Sender

MailMax : Advanced Bulk Email Sender

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If you aren’t interested in source code, you don’t need to install any third-party software, just go to the folder named ‘Release’ and launch the .exe file

If you want to add licensing system to the project, just contact us and we will help you.

MailMax is a windows application that helps you to send bulk emails with advanced options, with MailMax you can import your emails from Text or CSV files, Create Your Message with/without attachment, Manage Your SMTP Server + SMTP Tester(a useful tool to test your server before start sending), Send multiple campaigns with different SMTP Server, Get a full report of sending.

MailMax allows you also to use the SMTP Rotation which gives you the right to send emails from the same campaign with different servers.

MailMax helps you also with a smart verification of emails before sending, you can activate or deactivate this option from the settings, this option verify the domain of the email if it exists will send the email, if not will exclude it.

MailMax gives you the right to define the seconds to wait after every email sent, and even wait X seconds after every X email sent, you can put 0 to send maximum as possible.


  • Email Verification (New)
  • Multiple Campaign
  • SMTP Rotation
  • Attachements
  • Modern UI
  • And much more
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