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BTechUnit does not currently provide support for this item.

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Can I sign customers up to different lists depending on what product or product category they purchased?

Hi, Not currently. This feature will be available in the next version.

Can you also create an addon for this Plugin?

We would like to give our subscribers a special discount for subscribing for our newsletter. This discount code should be:

- Automatic created and attached in the confirmation mail. - Can only be used once. - Can only be used for specific categories. - Can only be used by the user account, not by others.

Hi, Yes. Can you please contact me at btechunit@gmail.com

Does this work with custom templates?

Yes, It will work.

Can it automatically update MailChimp list when customer choose subscribe or unsibscribe from account? And does it displays notifications?

And does it support vesion


I was just testing the signup and I have the Name & Email on the signup form but only the email has come through to MailChimp not the Name?

is there something I’m missing?

I have the “Name field settings: display required”, but still nothing in MailChimp.