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Looks promsing but what about capturing first name and last name to the mailchimp list?

Thanks, this feature will be included in next version. First update is coming soon, it’s still under development. Stay tuned.

I like this extension, is there a facility to edit the “subscribe” button, to something else like “download” click here to download when installed on my website

Well, you can definitely change the button text. Plugin is fully translatable, so every single text string can be changed easily.

You can place download link for file to welcome email or even add it as attachment. This way it’s better, because you can be 100% sure users enter valid email.

However, maybe there will be possibility to auto-start download after successful subscription.

You state that “Each Form Is Setup Individually”. Please explain what this means and how it can work for our opt-in forms for MailChimp?

It means that you can have many subscribe forms and each form is set up individually, so it subscribes you to different list with different options (like double optin, etc…).

allow to create unlimited different mail chimp form? i mean from different mail chimp account.

No, plugin can work with many list ids, but only one API key. If you need custom change, it’s definitely possible.

I just bought the addon but i dont get how to customize the singup form at all? there are almost no options at all


nowadays the only customizations that are available are code based. Stay tuned for next version that will allow more customization.


Can I have transparent fields with this plugin?

Hello, When I activate this plugin it breaks my site and disappears all the other VC add ons that I have installed.

How can I fix this?


This is NOT what I ordered. This serves no purpose for me. I want a refund please void my license. Thank you.

This plug-in completely changes my theme to a boxed instead of full width. If it can’t do what I need it to do can I just get my money back


We have installed the Plugin to our website, however we are unaible to fill in information in the form where you should be able to insert. Also, it creates faulty HTML on top of our webpage.

Please get back to me.


ebunda Purchased

Hi there,

I managed to install the plugins for the Mailchimp and Visual Composer however one problem appears. I can’t post the screenshot because there’s no attachment feature given.

Thank you.


ebunda Purchased

Hi again,

Referring from the previous feedback, It shows this error “The plugin generated 3239 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.” I can’t even use my visual composer on my page. Please help on this matter. Thank you.


ebunda Purchased

I need a refund for this item. I haven’t received any feedback from you for quite sometimes. I need to finish this project soon.

This plugin is defective and incomplete. It is not customizable, the width does not fit to that of the site, and I can not get it to work. Explain how to recover my money. Thank you

Hello I installed the plug in, inserted the “api” key and inserted the “list id” but the plug in does not work, and when I register a new mail through the site it gives me an error. Can he help me? Thank you