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Awesome Module For Opencart Store, Thanks You. If You Buy Our Module Please Rate Us five Star…24/7 Days Support Available For You.

good work ;) keep it up !

Thanks Very Much Eric…

I can not set

Hi, please send ftp info to info@kodecube.com and we help you set it up!

I send you Email to support@kodecube.com but i have not responed

Thank you for replay so the “import customer” option is not work it’s appear page blank and no action

ok seems we have your ftp! let us check

sorry for delay I have sent to you ftp access info to info@kodecube.com

support OC

hi oc2.2 compatibility would be added in next week update. for oc1.56.4 birthday module is different we would reupload in this pack tomorrow. while in oc2.x these both are clubbed in one

still not added support for birthday module for…if not i would like to go for refund..neither supports OC2.2 version which was stated as compatible in the description.

hi, item is updated yesterday! but envato takes it for approval. if you require urgently we can email you zip. your email?

Works support?

yes supported, please email to info@kodecube.com

email sent 13.6.

Nice work :)

Is it working in oc Is it ocmod?

thank you

hi there is some eval in your code! what is that?

email sent today 22.7 for support. thank you

eval is to get your order id, sent reply

there’s issues wit language for OC2.2..why no fixed?

pl see: http://i.imgur.com/ApAcGIB.jpg

Lots of issues…what is this? http://i.imgur.com/UfXWGid.jpg

hello..there is no support?

Where is the support? You sold the module to customer with full of bugs without testing and we are running around for support but no reply, sent to support email but no reply..This is getting ridiculous…

Your module doesnt work with OC2.2 or OC2.3..there has been lots of changes but you still call admin/model/sale/customer.php which is non-existence..it has already created a separate directly for admin/model/customer/customer.php

The whole module is non-functional/broken…update your module for compatibility or we will have to complaint to the community to Ban your company from listing and selling here.

hi, apologies was not able to login due to unavoidable issues. we have uploaded fix , please wait one day for approval

Hello, where in the files I can change the position of the popup? It comes up UNDER the menu of journal 2 theme. Also, your side kodecube.com have been hacked by somebody. Just for your information…

thanks got to see! that hack was done in such way to not include india traffic. but found it and fixed. server is also hardened! thanks for informing , it was really helpful and supportive!

Please check your messages, I have send you an urgent support request! Kindly regards, Thomas

We started with this ectensions like it is sold and there it was working very good after they implemented a small fix because of our custom opencart installation. After a lot of back and forward Kodecube did a lot of customization for us.

The module is now working like a charm and I hope it will be continued in future Opencart version! It saves a lot of time and even generates more conversions plus getting much more newsletter subscriptions than before!

Good job and thanks a lot for your patiently support and the great job you made for all the customization!

Great work. GL

thanks bro

Hello! I requested support by email to info@kodecube.com a week ago. Again by this site contact author form. But no replies since. Can you solve OC bug I asked about?

is this vqmod or ocmod?

The plugin is not showing in my Opencart store using the Journal theme. I’ve set it up and enabled it but it simply doesn’t show up. Am I doing something wrong ?

we have tested! it worked fine with any theme we used! the dependency on theme is null…only thig your journal version you using shall not interfere and disturb fancybox. please try redownload the new zip , it has one path update also. replace all files and try again. if problem for you . please send ftp to info@kodecube.com and the error screenshot!

I installed the latest version. I set up the discount popup. I enabled all the things but it simply doesn’t appear…

There is also no menu item to see the subcribers, like you have in the demo

we gave you journal patch in recent fix..for item in menu..you have to clear modification and refresh

Hi there

I install your extension in my website with opencart, Version, I did all the things you said to do in the documentation, but I have some issues:

- Don’t appear in the admin menu the Newsletters Subscribers in the Extensions, as I see in your demo demonstration;

- I would like to change the design of the pop-up, I want to make the design the same as the example of your FRONT IMAGE, with white background or with the imagem behind the fields, and the fields on the left, that says “Daily Deals Up to 80 % off”. I don´t see where to cheange the design. When I put the image I want, it simply appears above the fields.

Can you help please? Thanks Ghuts Trend

hi, please send ftp to info@kodecube.com, that banner is special design but we can make it for you!


gadalla Purchased

Please update to support OC 3.x

ok, i fix it

hi, i have oc i enable all but nothing appears. I want a subscription popup to show. Can you help me please?