Discussion on MailChimp for NEX-Forms

Discussion on MailChimp for NEX-Forms

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I read that there is a problem with mailchimp and double opt-in. Is possible to add contact to a list withoout double opt-in?

Hi, this have been solved ages ago. No more double opt-in.

Hi, in mailchimp, a subscriber has fields (name, etc.) and can have tags (example use: ‘follow-up’, ‘new’, etc.). Can this plugin map the tags, as well as the fields? Thanks

Hi, you can map form fields to list column fields only.

Please give us the single opt-in option

Hi, next week’s mission is to figure out single opt in for mailchimp. Please watch this space as an update will become available soon.


This plugin need user to give double optin? Other platform that can integrate with mailchimp have option for single optin

Will investigate the possibility and add to the next update.

Hi. How do I disable double opt-in?

Unfortunately this is not currently possible. Will research the option for future releases.

Hi with your mailchimp plugin can you create a checkbox that says: Opt-in so when check it then adds them to the mailchimp list, and if un-checked it does not add?

Hi, conditional subscription will be added next year for this add-on.

Hello, I purchased this plugin extension. On the main plugin discussion you said you will send me both the API for single opt in or double opt in. Please single for the single opt in.

Hi, please check your ticket, version sent.

Hi, Double Op-tin option added yet? Also do Nexform + mailchimp have any spam protection/bot protection?

Hi, Double Op-tin option available. Yes the plugin comes with anti-spam protection as well as all add-ons.

OK good thank you

no problem

Is there a solution to remove the double registration error? I do not want to see any error or confirmation other the the one provided by nex-forms.

No solution yet, sorry.

Hi, I have not found the changelog section of this add-on. Can you explain to me where I can find it? Thanks

Hi, there is no changelog found here. The changelog is found on the NEX_Forms change-log section.

Hi, this plugin is able to detect when a user has already registered before in mailchimp?

Hi, mailchimp does that for you. So if you get a double register it will return an error stating already registered.

Hello, I need to add a check in the contact form for the user to confirm if you want to also subscribe. Is it possible to do this? How should I manage the sending of data to mailchimp conditioned to this check? I’m not sure I can explain myself well. I wait your answer. Thank you very much in advance.

Hi, explained correctly. We will add this feature in the next update.

It is great news. For when do you think we could have this functionality available? Thank you very much.

Hi, will try to get this done with the next release.

How do I disable double opt-in?

Hi, just to be sure, so you want users to opt in more then once?

No I disabled double optin. I do not want users to have to confirm subscription. I want single optin and they go right on list. I disabled it in mailchimp.

Hi, ok, got it now. Will see what we can do for the next update to enable/disable this


Really interested in NEX-Forms and this MailChimp add on.

I have a question… if I am using this add on, can I send all form inputs to MailChimp to be used for list segmentation in MailChimp?

Just how deep is the integration with MailChimp? Do you have documentation on how it all works?

Do NEX-Forms interactive Forms work with the MailChimp Addon?

Hi, you can integrate with your mailchimp list and match any form field to any list column. You can do this with any type of form.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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