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Hi, Mr. JPPreusDev. I would like to know before purchases that your plugin all feature work properly on “Namecheap” shared hosting? Actually when will make a new template then to be upload image without error? In one word, is it compatible for all hosting server? Please let me know.

Yes, it is compatible with any hosting server. You can host your website with any Hosting Provider you choose, you are not stuck with using any one specific provider.

Some advice for you before you purchase your hosting server. It would be best if you could purchase an upgraded hosting server, at least one level higher than the base hosting server package. It does not need to be expensive and fancy, but having a little more RAM and CPU will help you so you can send bulk email messages and not have to worry about your website slowing down high traffic periods.

It would be a bonus and make your initial set-up much easier if you make sure your hosting server gives you permission to create custom cron jobs. The custom cron job you need to set-up handles sending all of the emails that you create. If your server does not allow you to create cron jobs, there are websites that you can pay a monthly subscription fee and they provide you with your own cron job server, but it would be much easier if you could just use your own server to create your cron job.

Hope that helps!

- James Preus Jr

does this still work on the latest versions of wordpress?

demo server seems to be down?

Sorry about that, we will have it back up soon.

Hi, I was wondering when Demo will be back online, I’m very interested in buying many copies of your plugin for my clients. First I need to make sure it has functions I require.

Yes, sorry about that. I will have it up before the new year is in. This plugin is great for client websites. I use it on many of my clients sues as well, as that is what it was originally built for.

Hi, I can;t remember my password. How can I reset it ? Thanks

Hello Fennixpro, can you please send me your emails address so I can give you instructions? For security reasons, I do not want to post the instructions here on a public comment stream. Thank you!

Hello, I have just brought this plugin. There are a few issues. When creating a new template, I fill in all the relevant information but (Send test email, save and quite button) doesnt do anything. Also when going to lists and (view) loading happens but nothing else. Please let me know how to solve this issue. Regards Oliver

I am also getting this error what setting up my SMTP when all my credentials are correct: An error occurred when trying to connect to your SMTP Server. Please fix and save your SMTP Settings. Urgently waiting for your reply.

It is tough for me to know exactly what is causing this issue without me first going into your website myself. I have not seen this issue occur before and I have not experienced any issues similar to this in the past. At first glance, it sounds like it could be an issue with the setup of your hosting server. Since there are quite a few things you have mentioned that are causing you problems, and they don’t exactly relate directly with one another, it sounds like the issue is an environmental issue. I would be more than happy to investigate this further so i can give you an exact answer and the fix the issue for you. To do so, I will need for you to give me acces to the WordPress Admin account, and possibly your hosting server too. If that is alright with you, would you please arrange that access for me and then send me the all the information I will need along with the credentials to my email address at info@jppreusdev.com. Once you have sent me everything I need, I will diagnosis the issue, and once I determine what is wrong, I will report back to you with my findings and what I recommend to do from there. Then if you agree and consent to what I recommend, I will then complete the fix for you free of charge since the plugin is still supported under CodeCanyon’s Support contract.

Hello, There are a few issues. When creating a new template, I fill in all the relevant information but (Send test email, save and quite button) doesn’t do anything. Also when going to lists and (view) loading happens but nothing else.

Please let me know how to solve this issue. Regards Oliver

Will this support my 20,000 customers? or will it crash my server godaddy wordpress?

Hello cmilian! The answer to your question, put simply is, Yes! This plugin will absolutely be able to support all of your 20,000 customers. This plugin is capable of supporting very large numbers of customers, even amounts much higher than 20,000. To give you a more detailed anwser and to help guide you in the right direction, there are a few important factors and questions that need to be addressed. First, I need to know the method in which you plan to have your email’s sent. Are you planning on using an SMTP Server or are you going to use your hosting server’s PHP mail() function? With a website such as yours that includes 20,000 customers would be much better off utilizing an SMTP Server for all of your email sending. Using one will decrease the amount of strain put on your hosting server that happens when you send your email campaigns. It keeps your hosting server from having to exert a lot of power sending all those emails, over a long period of time. The use of all that power and strain can slow your website down for the users who are visiting your website while the emails are being sent. Using an SMTP Server has much more benefits for you as well, but are not worth mentioning for the purpose of your question. Now, with that said, you do not absolutely need to use an SMTP Server and it is not required. The plugin has been developed in a way that the number of reciepients as well as the number of emails being sent will not create issues when the numbers are really high. This plugin ustilizes a queuing system to handle al the sending of emails. This was, emails are sent slowly over a period of time, instead of all at once. This ensures that your website does not crash, that you are not reported for spam by your hosting provider, and increases the overall user experience for you and your website users. So to sum everything up, you will be fine using this plugin no matter how high your customer amount grows. With that said, I recommend using an SMTP Server to handle sending the emails, since with the queuing system and the amount of emails you will be sending, the total processing time for your queue will be hours, and having your hosting server have to deal with that for the hours it will take, you will get much better results and have a much better user experience delegating your sending to the SMTP Server. If you decide not to use an SMTP Server by chance, you still have no need to worry, your website will not crash by the use of this plugin, and have nothing to worry about in regards to your question. I hope that answered your question in short, as well as in complete detail for you, depending on which version of the anwser you wanted. I hope you decide to use our plugin, and I wish you the best of success with your email campaigns!!!


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Thanks for a great job. I have a some question about - Countdown timer for email - It is possible to embed code, like youtube?

I have not see it, it is possible to send email like this?

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if it is possible to add a countdown timer inside your email. If that is correct, check out this website, you can generate a countdown timer to add in your emails extremely easily! https://www.sendtric.com/

If you are asking about something else, I apologize.

when attempting the step one custom marketing settings i put all the proper information but i’m unable to save the settings i tried on two different browsers same issue came up.

Can this plugin achieve the following:

I would like to send wordpress blogs as my newsletter using constant contact. Basically, just select a few blogs, add a list and send it off without manually creating newsletter. Also, I need a sign up form on my website as well.

That’s a great idea for me to add in future updates but as of right now, I hate to say that we do not offer that feature in our plugin.