Maika - Gallery Plugin for WordPress

Maika - Gallery Plugin for WordPress

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Maika is a advanced gallery plugin to show gallery and more your work. Maika compatible with visual composer, WPML . You can change all colors, font sizes, image size, spacings etc. from powerful shortcode and plugins settings panel.

Key Features


Change Log

v.1.10 (17-May-2019)
  • Fix open popup gallery when load more for justified layout

v.1.9 (02-May-2019)

  • Fix category filter for skin 04
v.1.8 (10-April-2019)
  • Add new skin ‘Image & Title click to detail’
v.1.7 (19-Jan-2019)
  • Support gif image for justified and masonry layout
v.1.6 (27-Dec-2018)
  • Add carousel slider layout
  • Fix filter
v.1.5 (05-Dec-2018)
  • Fix cannot change name of category
v.1.4.9 (20-Nov-2018)
  • Fix missing icon on some theme
v.1.4.8 (01-Nov-2018)
  • Fix duplicate image in root category filter
v.1.4.7 (16-Oct-2018)
  • Add shortcode column to Maika list in admin area
v.1.4.6 (26-Sep-2018)
  • Add new item skin for shortcode
v.1.4.5 (06-Sep-2018)
  • Add option load/unload Modernizr library for grid layout
v.1.4.4 (14-Aug-2018)
  • Fix load more with category filter
v.1.4.3 (09-Aug-2018)
  • Add option for disable/enable animation for album layout
v.1.4.2 (28-July-2018)
  • Add option for disable/enable social share in popup gallery
v.1.4.1 (25-July-2018)
  • Add tooltip show up image information (Title, Description, Link, Video Embed) when create gallery
  • Add confirm dialog when delete image when create gallery
v.1.4 (15-July-2018)
  • Update disable, enable download button for justified layout
  • Add option to show/hide thumbnail in popup gallery
  • Update popup edit image in admin area
v.1.3 (05-July-2018)
  • Fix missing media with WPML
v.1.2.9 (03-July-2018)
  • Add option to change image size (Full, Large, Medium) for popup gallery
v.1.2.8 (20-June-2018)
  • Fix missing ‘Load more’ button when click load more for grid and masonry layout
v.1.2.7 (08-June-2018)
  • Add option for enable/disable download button and right click mouse
v.1.2.6 (29-May-2018)
  • Add option order by date
v.1.2.5 (24-May-2018)
  • Fix open magnific popup gallery for all layout
v.1.2.4 (17-April-2018)
  • Fix duplicate image loaded library for album layout on AVADA theme

v.1.2.3 (12-April-2018)

  • Allow duplicate image in multiple category
v.1.2.2 (28-March-2018)
  • Fix conflict lighbox gallery with fancybox library
v.1.2.1 (17-March-2018)
  • Fix missing column attribute for masonry layout on DIVI Theme
v.1.2 (9-Feb-2018)
  • Add Infinite for Justified layout
  • Add option unload mordernzir library to resolve conflict with theme (ex: AVADA)
v.1.1 (21-Jan-2018)
  • Update Infinite scroll
  • Add option to crop image for ‘Image comparison’ layout
v.1.0 (09-Jan-2018)
  • Initial version