MagniPopup - Modal/Popup for Cornerstone

MagniPopup - Modal/Popup for Cornerstone

MagniPopup – Modal/Popup for Cornerstone allows you to easily add a Popup/ModalBox to your cornerstone page builder powered website. When you install this plugin it would automatically add a new element on your cornerstone’s list of elements named as MagniPopup which would allow you to put a popup/modallbox to any page you want.

The plugin allows you to have 4 different types of popup such as HTML, IFRAME, VIDEO and ALERT. You can also put multiple modal box/popups on a single page without having and issues.


  • Easily add Popup to your Cornerstone Powered website.
  • Allows to use any custom html or shortcode for the modal content.
  • Allows you to use any external website(iframe) inside modal box.
  • Works perfectly with Youtube/Vimeo videos and google maps..
  • Easily customize the look and feel of the modal box with just few clicks.
  • Ability to put custom Headline and Subtitle for the popup.
  • Allows you to display icons on modal/popup header.
  • Very easy plugin settings to control different colors of the modalbox/popup.
  • Trigger the popup on any type of element click just by providing the id/class of the element to the plugin.
  • Allows to open modalbox/popup automatically when opening a page.
  • Easily hide the popup header, hide full screen button etc.
  • 100% responsive and works across all major browsers.
  • Works with all modern browsers and across all platforms.

Support & Queries

You can contact us directly via the comments section of the plugin or mail us on

Change log

18th March 2017 - Ver 1.1
 - Cornerstone 2.0.3 compatibility issue fixed
22nd Nov 2016 - ver 1.0
- Initial Release