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Hi. The demo is not working on Windows Firefox.

Sorry, it’s been updated. The demo was referencing an old Javascript file.

Thanks for letting me know :)

Also not working the demo in firefox

Fixed it :)

Thanks for letting me know.

Doesn’t work in IE 11.

We’ve just tested it and it seems to be working on our end. Will be testing again. Thanks.

How is this differ from FlatDoc?

Hey Nuigroup. Flat doc does not allow the documentation to be displayed offline. With Magnificent you can convert you MD file to a JS file and it can be made available online and offline.

Magnificent offers an easy to modify config that changes the color Scheme, background, and a few other options as well :)

I’m a button bitch?


Love the layout but would not use md.

Thanks Avoli,

There are a bunch of great editors to edit md files. But, thanks for the comment :)

I like it, nice work :)

Thanks man :)

Another document creator, that totally misses the point of documentation usage.

You mention available to use offline, but as a what? md file convert to js.

this isnt as much a document creator, its a backend CMS that creates web pages, that you have called a document.

Documents are transportable items, either as a native code the basic is in TXT , otherwise 90% of the business world uses word .Doc file formate, whereas a hell of a lot of business users .PDF files are the currency of use…

this is the 3rd Document Creator script I have had to say this on!

Perhaps one of you will take up the challenge and make a really useful documentation/ standalone app that creates documents in native .DOC and .PDF file formats for use within a website, so that the documents can be easily downloaded in a native format for ease of distribution.

Oh also having a clear siteMap displaying both PDF and WORD formats for speed of downloading the documents would be a really useful feature.

Oh a POSITIVE POINT – out of the 3 Document creators I have reviewed this morning – Yours is the BEST LOOKING – well done,

but seriously you need to develop in a online PDF creator of all the documents, as well as making them all singular pages. Otherwise you may as well call it a BLOG


I edited the text directly in the java generator and at the end i forgot to save my code (not the java generated code). i need to edit the documentation and i cant without the source, its pretty much.. is there a way to convert from java to source?


At the moment there is not. I’m sure I can add this in. I’ll be adding it in shortly and I’ll let you know. Thanks :)

This would have been cool like a wiki-clone. ;)

Thanks :) Let me know if you have any questions about the script.

hi i want to understand this script… this has an admin panel to create documentation?

Right now it’s just a config file that you edit. And then you edit a Markdown file to create your documentation :)

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.


Hello I purchase this application, but does not appear as the subject of this

Hello I purchased this product, but does not appear to me like this

If the board is not contains this Bruce

Please return the money

awesome design work

Hi, your Magnificent is the same of this ??

Hi, Demo is not working again, can you look in to it asap


I just saw your website, its asking me to register which means your product is subscription on your website? or you are selling the script like what others do in codecanyon?

Can you please help me in looking at demo and give information about source files and functionality please.

Thanks Raj

Hello I wanted to buy it but no update…