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Exactly what I was looking for. Good luck with the sales

hi, is it responsive?

do you have a live demo? or video?


thanks but can you also post a video to show how it looks in responsive mod… meaning resize your browser in video.

Sure why not.

Great, may it put to the header ? so it will be like http://mashable.com/

For now we have only option to place at footer, soon we will launch version where you can display at top of the page


is installation easy ?

100% it will work on your site.

buying it know

Is it tested on iphone / ipad ?

We have tested on iphone and ipad thats why we have include “responsive” tag.


ok I ask because there’s no demo to test.

I know thats why we have video demo you know html code can be easy copy so we didnt include any live demo.


After testing the menu quite few times, I can say it’s pretty good. Except the search thing which is not very intuitive the script is kickass. Tested the menu on ipad, iphone, Samsung S3 and Nokia Lumia.

Highly recommend buying this, first script that actually is clean and easy to modify CSS.

Thank you so much for such good words

This is just copy/rip of http://mashable.com menu. Such as sham that envato allow this and approves. I am going to report.

Before you report make sure you buy the product and compare css and js code used in for this script, Anyways i wish you best of luck for your report

Also make sure mashable.com has footer menu exact same like ours.

Nice! Very well done!

Looking for move menu on top!

What is tab.js file? there is not any uncompressed version? it’s a jquery plugin?

Thanks and sure we will add menu on top position

interesting to buy… please let me know as soon as it is ready for top position. thanks

First we are planning to make script stable. I guess It will take time we are not going to upgrade soon


Really nice menu however in my opinion it is just too heavy for mobile devices, 138kb its even more than jquery itself. +1 for the top menu where it is actually more useful/intuitive. Otherwise great job!

We will try to optimize file for mobile devices and its great to know you like our work.

Thanks you and please don’t forget to rate our script ;)

Hey, just wondering if it’s possible to replace the section title’s with icons?

Ok cool.

This one may be a stretch, but would it be possible to add an effect like the circle icons on this site: http://www.designembraced.com/ where when you hover over a circle/icon it shows the title of it?

It is 100% possible BUT main point is you have to add your own custom CSS and JS code to create such effect within ‘Magnet Menu Bar’

Yeah I gotcha. Thanks.


What about Extended Licence?

Best Regards

Sorry we cant activate extended license for now.

No live preview? I am on this site because of that feature, not because of hiding.

We have only video preview for now, As you know js and css code can be easily copid so we have not provided live preview


I know why you did not provide it. But this website is successful because of opposite, exactly because there are live previews. That is how sales are made. I guess you can see on my profile that I am buyer. I have never bought anything that did not have live preview.

And I am well versed in making a copy. Even if I know how, I am buying items.

I know your concern, i will discuss once and and c what i can do. Just allow us few hours.


Very nice menu, highly recommend. Thank you. I noticed some issues when using dreamweavers responsive boilerplate.css but easily fixed. Body css and ul’s cause the menu margins to be slightly off (on my build anyway). :)

Thanks for your lovely words.

Hi, I bought the menu some weeks ago, but I have problems. When i insert it in the web site it became in some parts invisible, and i can`t understand Where is the problem. Can you help me?

Sure, can you please send us page link url so that we can check.


hello, can we choose the colour background? can we use it in more than website? ty

You can change the background color by playing with the code, YES, you can use it on your website more than one, Only if all websites are own by you.

Hi is there anyway to insert this in Wordpress?

Sorry, only html version available.