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Amazing work! GLWS! :)

Thank you!

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


Cool plugin! Is t possible to have a link or additional text beside to the flipped card?

The new version I’m working on will have the “info panel” which takes images caption and description.

Great! What is the estimated release date?

I think this week

+1 with RatQc

Hey! .. great :D but it seem to have a little problem with captation : https://snag.gy/GydE3S.jpg We see the html.

Yep! thanks for the note, I wasn’t considering the html text format when shuffled, I’m going to send the script update

Thank you sir!

Great work! Congratulations! Good sales and buyers.

Thank you.

hello, Cool plugin! Is t possible to have a link or additional text beside to the flipped card? Are you italian? I am italian and you name seems italian.. So maybe i can write to you in italian.. Are you available for hire and customize this plugin? thanks

Ciao Lorenzo, horisposto alla tua mail, la nuov versione avrà l’opzione Caption e Description prese dalla foto

Is it possible to hide the two buttons – i.e. not to have the option to flip and shuffle, because I want to use it only as a random answer generator after clicking the card?

Hi, a quick fix would be setting this class inside your css (it’s ok also inside the theme’s style.css):
    display: none;
I can’t exclude to set this as a new option, but in this way you must reload the whole page to shuffle the cards.

Hello, I like your plugin. I have one pre sales question…can items displayed be random? I have for example 22 cards, and I want randomly to show three of them to visitors (with every reload of page to be diferent three)

Is this possible with your plugin?


Hi, that’s exactly what the plugin does: you choose a deck of cards (22 in your case), and how many random cards you want to show to the visitors. The script will pick the random cards from the 22 every time

Would it be possible to add a title or something above each card? By which I mean “past” for card 1, “present” for card 2 and “future” for card 3

Already bought the plugin, it’s awesome!

Hi, and thank you!
We can’t set specific info to the card by its index, but only to the hidden card, so I think the easiest solution would be writing a short description above or below the shortcode, saying “the first card represents the past, the second is the present [...]”, or possibly set a table with 3 columns below the shortcode, and place there the titles

Thank you for this new update sir!

Did you get my mail ?

This plugin works like a charm! Thank you for your quick response! Wish you great sale .. review coming soon.

Hello. I hope you have great sales on this site. Follow me too :)

Thanks for the update sir!

After updating the plugin card shuffle is not working and cards back are not seen, some images are not loading properly and showing blank…

Hi, there’s no known bug in the last version, please send me the url of your page using the support form, so I can do some checks, thank you.

Pre buy question: is it possible for visitors to only be able to draw one card each 24th hour? If they try to draw a new card after 15min the get a message like: “You are only allowed to draw one card each day”.

Not impossible, but not so easy: you should edit some javascript, set a cookie on the user’s browser at the first shuffle with a lifetime of 24h, and check if the cookie is set on page load, to possibly hide the shuffle button. I don’t think this will be added as option, nowadays we should notify every single cookie to the users, so I try to avoid them if possible :D

And… would be GREAT if you could add some kind of shuffle animation.

Maybe.. at the moment I haven’t found any nice solution which is also responsive