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We bought this plugin because its is WPML ready

But in wpml when we change the text of Shuffle cards and Flip cards

It only stays on the wording we have entered in Magic Crads settings.

The Translation does not work there. String translation does not show up when we switscj languages on user page

Thanks for kind help my client is really happy, but we need these important pasrts translated

Hi, since these values are taken from the plugin settings, you should edit 2 lines of code to use the values of the .PO file (and translate them with the WPML String Translation extension). Please send me a message using the suppport form


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Hello :) I bought a plugin I installed it and at first glance everything worked correctly. But I found that doing something like cache and always showing a card constantly when you take a new one no problem but the first one is still the same :( Why is it so?

Hi, what do you mean with “doing something like cache”? MagiCards has been tested with WP SuperCache, please let me know if you are using any specific plugin. For support requests send me the url of your app using the support form


kadodi Purchased

It’s a really magic plugin. Perfect plugin, perfect support, just make my wish come true. Thank you

Hi, thanks for your plugin ! In the future updates, could you allow to restrict the number of toggled cards ? Example : There’s 20 cards and the user can only choose 5 cards.

Hi, you can already create a deck of 20 cards, and select only 5 cards to display

Pre buy question: Hi, your plugin seems really nice! Is this possible to customize both front and back side of the cards to my images? I would like to share my original oracle cards deck on my WP page. Thanks!

Hi, and thank you.
Yes, for each deck you can select a custom back side, and how many front sides you want.

Hi, thank you for your reply. That sounds really amazing…! I will definitely purchase it later !

Great plugin! I was wondering if it can be possible for an Administrator to view the outcomes of the cards at the same time as a visitor. I’m looking for a way to interact with the visitor simultaneously. This would be an amazing feature. Thanks!

Every time a new meme is created the administrator can view a new custom post “Mememe” in the backend, pending or published, depending on the main settings.

Hi. Before the purchase, I would like to know if, when the clairvoyant turns the castes, a text with the meaning of the letters he selects comes out.

Hi, just check the online demo, if you set a description on the image, the first click flips the card, and the second opens the panel with textual description.

Thank you very much for the clarification

Im interested in this plugin. I would like to know if we can put whatever picture instead of cards. For example put 3 pictures of 3 different candles or whatever, instead of 3 cards

I also would like to know if its possible put different images in every Post of wordpress.

Hi, you can set any type of image, but it will keep the shape of a card, with that light shadow around (At least you should possibly edit the css).
Yes, you can set different images for any post.

Tell me, is it possible to display a description under the cards? Since the text can be large, and just does not fit. It is best if it is immediately displayed under the cards.

how is it done here: _

I apologize, I write the text via Google translator

I have a great description of the cards itself, you can see:

original: translate:

This is one of the cards of the day, only 36 (in the Lenormand system) – I want one of the cards to be chosen randomly. Unfortunately, in a small field such a text will be unreadable.

Maybe I will pay for the expansion of the functional?

Uhm.. the best solution I can think of is: create 36 pages, one for each card with a full description, and place inside the cards panel a short description with a link to the full page. So you will have one page with a random card; flipping the card you will see the short description with a link to the full one.

Got it, yes, a good idea. Thanks, I think about it

Hi there – we are having the same problem another person was having. The cards are not randomizing. They pull the same 3 cards each time. I have sent an email through the support link. Please let us know how we can fix that!

Hi, ?ve just replied to your e-mail.
Do you have any caching plugin? try to disable it for the page where you placed the shortcode.