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Hi, Is there a way to have more level of users? I need to set different permission for each group of users. For example: I need to create a project management app. Each project has one initial task assigned to an user. Another user (not the admin and not the assigned user. Just another of another user group), now can edit only some fields of the task. It is possible? Thanks a lot.

Not by default. You can’t limit user access to App, but You can hide/limit App content to some users. Project is some kind of ‘workspace’ (like Group) with members (users) who has priviledge to access all content of this Project (coming from all Apps). Regarding field-level acccess, You can make two or more Apps for managing Tasks, each with different fields (on the same table), regarding different type of users…

hi, languange turkish ?

Hi, I like your software very much. But is there any language support in turkish language?

The most of existing English language phrases are in external php file, so You can translate it ver easy. And new Apps You can build in Turkish.

Can I do mobile apps to customers with this? Without knowing the code. Please help me in this regard. I will buy it immediately. I can create a mobile app. And it would be great if it also had a manageable panel.

You can’t build native Android or iOS mobile apps. But You get responsive designed web apps which looks and works on mobile devices very nice. Try MagicApps demo on Your mobile.

hi plz help me.


Hi, we will continue with private messaging

hi, how a u? – how to change languange ? plz help me ? www.hatayblog.com

hi are u have skype ?

I was noticed from Envato that You payment was not accepted – as You see, You are still not MagicApps customer. How can You own and use my software and ask for support?!

Hi, i noticed the last update was 2015. Do you hv any plan to do another update on 2017?

Dear Friend, I really need your support here. I feel that your application is great but i dont know how to use it. First lets talk about users. I want to assign special build app to them and not allowing them to install all apps from the marketplace. second, how to use chart ?? i found charts plugin but where to config ?? last , what is ADMIN LTE and how I can install it to magic app ??

Hi Yazan17, yes You are right, MagicApps are more than great product, but people here did not recognize this… We can support You of course – please email me on drazen@ebiz.com.hr

Email sent my friend , Please check

after using this app and understood how its work, I found this app is one of the best Project management app here , and not just like this, its include many many features . I really advice everyone to buy it. also very very good support. Thanks developer . 5 stars

Hello, I find it very interesting your development, however I miss a mail for the mails sent from the module contact, is it possible to have a module webmail in your system or, is it possible by buying a template to have this Service in addition. Is it possible to create an alarm module in this system? In fact I want to create a small crm from your module but I miss these 2 functions, webmail and programmed alarms. Thank you.


Rémi PROVOST Director World Health. mondialsante.com info@mondialsante.com

Hi Remi, thank You for Your comment. We can support You, both functions are possible, please email me on drazen@ebiz.com.hr

Can this be used to track sales where user can access through mobile device? Can it also set goals for specific products and track to determine if goal will be met? Thank you

We, as authors, do not see any limit of MagicApps – You can easily create new Apps or modify existing Apps with no programming. You can add Your own full scripts to existing system (You will find ‘blank.php’ template/starter script) and complete AdminLTE included. Finally, we can support You, or we can do whatever You need for You for very affordable price.

Do you have a video tutorial on how to use your software?