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Great Puzzle Game! It’s such a clever idea, love it!


Nice work man! : -)

Thank you!

Great game! Can I choose my own words?

Yes of course, there is an array with over 1800 words you can add your own there, or replace that totally with your own set of words. There is documentation inside of how to do this :)

Hi, can I change the language?

Hello, yes there is a lang.js file that allows you to change some texts that exist in the game, also I have included instructions on how to change the alphabet for the words, and the array of words. There are only a few controls (buttons) that have the text embedded in English. However I have also included the .psd files for them to change them manually.

interesting game GLWS :)


Hello, how many levels have your game in every game mode?

for the “Scrambled words” there are no levels the user keeps playing until he loses (monsters keep getting faster), but there are 3 difficulty settings (easy, medium, hard) and for the “word find” the same, if the user wins the board resets (monsters don’t become faster here). And again 3 difficulty levels as above.

Just FYI, The index.html file needs to be edited for the correct filenames to work.

Which edits need to be done? What problem did you face?

A few of the filenames in the index.html file did not match the filenames in the src or libs directories. I don’t remember exactly which ones, but it was a capitalization issue where one filename had caps and the other didn’t. The game wouldn’t run on the server until I fixed this.

Good morning, please the sources could pass me the para images to edit the texts.

I’m sorry I don’t understand, do you want me to send you the .psd files that were used to create the images that appear as text inside the game? Feel free to send me an email at

Just want to extend some comments for the excellent support given by the author

From the day i bought the code till its approved as a game on the App Store this year (22 June – 2 August), the game author, Mike, has exchanged over 16 emails averaging about 3 paragraphs each with full code examples detailing how to solve some of the problems i have faced ranging from:

1) building app in cordova/ionic 2) preferences in phaser & directions to link ionic with phaser 3) directions on iOS although he has only tested built it on Android 4) code rectification for faults that includes blank screen fault 5) code customizations which includes changing levels structures and custom actions right down to the exact line and function 6) Extended his offer for advise on core code customizations to game & never says away from offering more help. 7) Openly taught me troubleshooting & debugging steps with exact tools to use for the problems i faced when i asked how he solved it. 8) Even more customizations and tweaks specifically for touch responsiveness on the iPad, graphics customizations and resources used to generate it, swipe orientations, language and character replacements and use, and then some. 9) Now even after 3 months still helping to extend his support for sounds & animations.

Great code. Great support. God loves him.

Excellent technical support for the localization of the game! Developer with great patience answered all of my questions. Big thanks to him for the help. Dr. Andrew

HI, I hope all is well

I have a question about magic words

I wish the game to enter direct to certain games. for example I would prefer it to just enter into word scrabble -> easy

Whats the best way of doing thing

Hi I emailed you about getting the game to move direct to easy etc.

Just to let you know I have worked it out. thankyou

Oh cool. Glad you figured it out. Let me know if you need anything else.

Hello, is this a wordpress plugin? Sorry for the noob question. Nice game, and I wanted to install it on my wordpress site. Also, is it possible to change the branding of the game? (Change the Magic Words logo) thank you so much!

Hello. This is not a wordpress plugin. Its an html5 game based on a simgle canvas element. You can however either host the game through an iframe or embed it in a page. Yes the branding can be anything you want.