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I can not execute any shortcode in magic squares. Do I have to allow this somewhere?

Please provide URL where I can see the problem. If your shortcode generates JS-code, also please notice that JavaScript is not recommended to be placed into content, because some javascript, related to DOM modification, can’t be executed properly when it is inside of invisible element. Also try to tick checbox “Enable HTML mode (not recommended)” on square editor page.

Hi Halfdata

Is there any way to make mouseover instead click for open squares?


Hi. Unfortunately, no.

I have problems to execute videos in square magic, videos from you tube or vimeo and others, what i can do ?

Can you set the squares within tabs

I don’t understand what you mean.

is this compatible with the latest Wp version? when is the next update ? thanks

Yes. It is. All my demos work on latest WP. Regarding next update – can’t tell exactly.

Hello, can you disable the squares on mobile devices and make them available only for computer browsers?

Unfortuntely, no.