Discussion on Magic SEO - Automatic WordPress SEO

Discussion on Magic SEO - Automatic WordPress SEO

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1. Is the ”$50”-pricea one-time-payment or a subscription? 2. Is there a money back garantuee?

thanks Knud

I’m getting reports from Google Search about indexing issues. You can check because your plugin is excellent.

Main problems

Deleted by “noindex” tag Not found (404) Blocked due to forbidden access (403) Copy without canonical page selected by the user


I want to see a demo before I buy this plugin. Is this possible?

The title is whatever you choose when creating / editing a post or page or it defaults to the site title & tagline.

Yes but I mean | adjust in such a -

It takes your content and WordPress defaults and outputs them. If you want to change – | then that it’s down to the theme or you can use a custom function of your own.

I’m having problems, please update it to version 6.11 of wordpress!

What problems?

I’m getting reports from Google Search about indexing issues. You can check because your plugin is excellent.

Main problems

Deleted by “noindex” tag Not found (404) Blocked due to forbidden access (403) Copy without canonical page selected by the user

403 is a server error, 404 is not found. The plug-in has no control over those.

Hi. Dose it work on Arabic or other Unicode languages character?

It works with any content you provide it with. It doesn’t change or translate anything.

When writing a new article, the following error appears at the top of the page noindex in /www/wwwroot/ on line 152

In the page/post you’re editing.

Maybe I can’t express clearly, sorry, you can take a look at my screenshot below

Check all the boxes and click save.

Is this plugin working when the site is dutch?

It uses YOUR content, so yes.

Hello, the plugin will automatically add and configure alt texts for images, setup correct keyword density and H1, bold on main keywords? Thanks.

Hi, after installing and activating the plugin, at the top of my homepage, I find several writings like these:

Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /home/mhd-01/ on line 63.

How can I solve this problem?

I have sent you the proof of purchase to:

Now I am waiting for an answer on the solution of the problem.

Thank you.

Replied to your email.

Emailed you a couple of times.

Hello Team, i just wanted to know that does this optimize the post which is already posted on the site or new posts?? if yes then why some of my post not showing the snippet image on the google search appearance Thank you.

You need to login with the account that purchased to receive support.

Does this create the SEO data (descriptions, keywords, etc) for already created posts or do we have to go back and do that manually?

It auto generates for all content.

Three private messages about this plugin and no answer. The least polite thing is to answer. This demonstrates at least one thing, the little consideration given to customers and probably the lack of support.

Private messages aren’t monitored as they end up in spam often. The comment section can be used instead.

Good afternoon I’m thinking of buying your plugin, but before buying I want to ask a few questions, can you give your mail or write to me so I can send you questions?

Sorry, no.

It’s a pity!!! Then, as an option, I will wait for a large number of positive reviews, which may characterize the performance of the plugin.

Oh well.


The META desc. isn’t working good: the script reads all data from character to character, and the short code is also included.


Can you help me?

That is the current version, it already strips shortcodes and has done since the first release. This could be a conflict with your install.

i showed you, thats your script is bugged. What are you talking about? Did you write this script? You will get an error, when the code has URL in it:

Check latest version when you receive notification.

This plugin really is efficient and does what it promises! Check out the analysis made after 10 months of use! Simply Excellent! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Link:

Glad it’s working for you, enjoy!

hey does the plugin automatically convert jpg,png to webp image format?

No it doesn’t.

This may be a silly question, but how do I know this plugin is working and does what it is advertised to do after I have it installed/activated?

It’s an SEO plugin so you’ll need to check your rankings and preferred search terms.

You also run speed tests with and without the plugin with things like GTMetrix.

Before purchasing I need to know is this work with Arabic website and Arabic language

It works with your content, so whatever content you put in it will use.

Hello, is it compatible with RankMath?

I’ve not tested, but I don’t see why not if you turn off options in RankMath that may duplicate functionality such as Schema, Titles etc…

Can we able change the name of the plugin once we take extended licence with SaaS?

Yes you can whitelabel and rebrand.

Great, Thank you! 2 more pre sale questions 1. Is the extended license price can be lower or any offer from your side? 2. If I take normal license for $49 to test and if it works then can I upgrade to the extended license or do I need to take a separate license again?

The item is currently on sale.

They are 2 different licences so if you purchase the regular you would then need to purchase the extended.


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