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as I can do to make the button appear save me

Guys, we’ve purchased and would like to use in the admin, when we import an product image to ‘clean it up’ but I can’t see how we install it in the ‘Edit image’ page e.g. ../wp-admin/post.php?post=304&action=edit Can you assist/advise?

After you clean image, save it, and then it will appear in the media library. So you can use new image in the post, page, etc. This is the only workflow.

Sorry, just realised I posted in wrong section. I’ll repost in WordPress page.


I’m interested in purchasing Extended License for Magic Edge (Pure JavaScript Background Remover): https://codecanyon.net/item/magic-edge-pure-javascript-background-remover/9535411?ref=awssoft

Could you please clarify if Extended License allows to customize the tool on my own in accordance with internal needs?

Thanks a lot in advance for your reply.

Have a nice day, Mikhail

Yes, you are allowed to make any changes. If you have any question, you are welcome.

Thanks for your fast reply!

Hi, I have bought this lib. Have two problems: 1. When using a mobile device (ipad) orientation of the picture is not taken into account when it is uploaded. This means, if I take the photo using the ipad in horizontal position, it uploads ok, but if picture is taken with ipad in a vertical position, it is uploaded with wrong orientation. 2. Sometimes it just hangs, I am using chrome, both mobile and desktop, meaning I can’t use it in a production environment. Will keep testing it though. Finally, one question: 3. In order to customize the buttons (remove some of them) do I have to edit the JS file generating the html code, or is there any other way of configuring the layout/default values for the tools grid?

Any idea when it will be 100% operational in mobile devices?


Ok! Noted. Thanks for the quick response.

Hi, i am sorry to say that if mobile is not supported yet this library is of any use for me… Is there a way to return my license? Thanks

Yes. I don’t have access tho these thinks, They are managed by envato team. I think this is url for refund: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

By the way, Do you want to inform you when mobile version is on?


tuanng Purchased

This script is great, but are you able to make it similar to clippingmagic ? Where you only select green + red, and the edge selection ( yellow ) is done automatically?

Background subtraction relay on the ‘yellow’ line. It cannot remove background without that. Thank you. If you have any question you are welcome.


tuanng Purchased

Hi, I understand the yellow line is required, my question was can the yellow line automatically detect the edges of an object instead of having the user tracing the edges? ClippingMagic does the yellow line automatically.

No, yellow line must be drawn manually.

Hi, I am interested in this image editor. I want to use it in my web site. Does this support text entry on the image.

Unfortunately, It doesn’t support. MagicEdge is a widget for photo background removal only.