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Nice work!! Good luck! :)

hi, is this work with opencart

Yes it works. We made test right now.

ok, fine. ImageMagick 6.8.9-7 is a mandatory or works with the ImageMagick 6.8.8-7 too.

We are using 6.8.8-9 on windows platform. We will make test today with this and few other versions and publish results.

This software on windows How does it work?

Module can be installed under OpenCart on windows platform. Installation process is described in the documentation. If there is a any problem during installation you can send me a detail about problem and I will help you to solve it.

Hello. What is the reason I did the setup but I get the following error? Error 3220 – JSON parse error [BRApplication::processResponse()]

It’s very uncommon error. If you have a online installation I can take a look, Just send me a private message or email to srdjanarsic at gmail dot com . Also in the Monday will be released new version of this component. It will be a totally new component based on client side conversion. Without possibilities of this and similar errors.

can I select the image on the server for editing and save? or i need to drag and drop?

can I use it on Opencart 2.0 ?

No. But I will try to get it work, today.

Good news :) . OpenCart 2.0 module is done. It will be published on the codecanyon to the Monday.

can you make it for video green screen

You can use Magic Edge for images only. Similar software, for removing background from video is not in plan.

Well done! Good luck with sales!

Hello I bought your module magic edge for my opencart store when i upload a photo its telling my by converting the image constantly

Script: http://oxxostyle.com/admin/view/javascript/magic_edge/me.js:3576

Strange, as in the oc there is no link to the magic edge page. I hack the url .. .route=extension/magic_edge&token…. After I accessed magic edge page everything works ok. In the next few days I will upgrade magic edge background remover to work with all 2.x versions, up to latest.

Regarding current issue, can you send me more info, OS, browser, and image size.

there is a link in my store thats in extensions with magic edge i’m on windows 10, firefox the images are from 500KB to 1MB if you need more information I will give you a link with login for the admin you can try it

I made tests on win10, firefox, and all works fine. Firefox show alert on large image, like this one:


you should click Wait.

This issue will be solved asap, but as it requires deep changes, it will be probably done within two weeks.

Please send me login on srdjanarsic at gmail dot com or via private message.