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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks Lakose. Same to you!

can i use it in magento ?

Yes. This is a magento extension. It work in the backend as standalone app and also there is a quick link under each product image.

where can i use it in magento ?. in a static page ?. or where

It work in the backend only, as standalone app and also there is a quick link under each product image.

I really need a way just to not take the background out, but also to fill the background. I know it sounds crazy, but we sell on ebay and once we remove the background, ebay turn the backgrounds black. If we had a way to add the fill options and maybe even change the format. Please let me know. Of course I’d be willing to pay for your service.

Note – We use m2epro to list that’s why it’s important for us. We process maybe 1000 pictures a day with this program or once we go live in the next week or 2 we will.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions. email me if you need anything at all.

In the new 1.2.0 version there is a JPG type, quality and background color settings. New version is submitted right now. So, it will be available for download soon.

Hi The extension is not working on my site.I cannot get the extension to extract an image from a picture and i am not able to select the magic wand.a lot of the features in the video are not on the extension like the crisp background in the video.

This is very unusual issue for this module. The screenshot of magic edge gui and image(s) you are trying to use will be useful to find solution for this issue. you can send me an email to: srdjanarsic at gmail dot com

Hello, does this plugin work with Magento please?

is it compatible for magento

Yes, it’s compatible with

Nice work, GLWS!

Is there a version for magento 2 or 2.1.3 in the future?