Magento Super Breadcrumbs

Magento Super Breadcrumbs

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Magento Super Breadcrumbs will improve your user experience and SERP visibility. Using microdata for breadcrumbs might even help SEO.


  • Display multiple breadcrumbs on products
  • Rich Snippets support (Microdata and RDFa)
  • Disable category from showing up in breadcrumbs
  • Display home as link, plain text or not display it at all
  • Custom label before breadcrumbs (eg. You are currently on: )
  • Multistore support
  • Default and RWD theme out of the box support
  • Powerful configuration options

Product page breadcrumbs with full path

Magento by default will display only a category from which the customer has navigated to the product page. If he lands directly on a product (e.g. from search engine results, clicking on a link somwhere, etc.) he will not get any useful breadcrumbs displayed – only the home link and name of the product for example: Home / Apple MacBook Air

This way the user cannot navigate to the products category and see other simillar products. Our extension was made to resolve this issue and deliver your customers a better user experience with the full category path leading to the product no matter where the user came from. For example: Home / Electronics / Laptops / Apple MacBook Air

SERP / SEO improvements

MageMill Super Breadcrumbs extension has integrated support for Rich Snippets. As there is no widely accepted standard this extension supports both MicroData and RDFa at the sime time. That way you can get better results in more search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

How can this help your page be more visible in SERP and even get better SEO results? Simple, this is how it looks if Google can’t read your breadcrumbs: Standard Breadcrumbs

And this is how it looks if it can: MageMill Super Breadcrumbs

Better, right? Also any crawler hitting your site will have an easier way to understand the structure of the site and that can only lead to a better position in search results.

Quick Start Guide

  • Copy all files from the Source directory to your Magento installation root directory
  • Go to Admin -> System -> Cache Management and flush all caches
  • Logout and login again
  • Go to Admin -> System -> Configuration -> MageMill -> Super Breadcrumbs to configure the extension


v1.0.0 (2015-09-05)
-first release