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Hi I want to set free shipping for specific products in my shop. The rest will have shipping rate calculated based on table rates. Is it possible to achieve this using your extension?

Best Regards Uma

Hi, Yes this is possible option in our extension.

Regards, Support Team


We have a number of products that incur a £9.99 (excluding Tax) delivery surcharge. But, the customer only pays the surcharge once, regardless of how many different surcharge products, and different quantities, that are purchased in one single order.

Is this possible with your extension?

Many Thanks Sean

Hello Sean, Our extension will allow you to setup shipping price per product and if you need to implement surcharge on products then you can check our another extension that is useful for this.

regards, Support Team


Please read below requirement of our shipping rate per product, if its provided by your plugin then it will be great and we will buy it now.

our shipping charge based on per item, per unit basis. Meaning that inside each product, we can set a standard shipping charge per pc. For example, if someone in USA buy a bed sheet, shipping charge (for example, $20 per pc set for this particular bed sheet). So during checkout, this client will pay the bed sheet price + the $20 shipping if he buy 1 pc. If he buy 2 pc, his shipping would be $40 and so on.

Another product, for example, a blanket may have different shipping cost per unit set, for example $35 to ship 1 blanket.

Regardless of region located, they pay the same shipping cost based on product and qty.

Hope Quick reply from your side.


Hi, Thank you for your query. This is possible through our extension.

regards, Support Team

Will this extension automatically hide all other shipping methods when it detects a product with a shipping rate by your extension?

Hi, Yes correct.

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales ;)

Kindly refund for the product. It is not working as it should be. It is not calculating rates. Also it conflicted with Amsty’s other extension. Looks like you patched amasty’s code.

Hi Ashvin, This extension has been installed on many webstores of our clients and its working absolutely fine, however we are not responsible for the conflict of third party extensions on your website. Thank you.

Support Team.

Kindly refund our money as it is not in our use due to conflict. Also It is copy of Amasty’s same extension. Refund otherwise we may need to complain codecanyon effectively.

You may contact codecanyon for refund.