Magento Rich Snippets Extension – Add Google Schema Tags

Magento Rich Snippets Extension – Add Google Schema Tags

Increase your CTR by displaying product price, ratings, reviews, stock status, etc in Google Search Results with Magento rich snippets extension. You can show 13 different product attributes along with meta details in search engine results to grab user attention and make them land on your website. The more information you display in rich snippet, the higher the click through rate.

  1. Add 13 types of product information like name, price, reviews, etc
  2. Auto addition of structured data to html of landing pages
  3. Pursue higher click through rate with a comprehensive rich snippet

Add Basic Product Information to Rich Snippet

Magento rich snippets extension empowers you to show basic product information as Google schema tags. Let the users acquire most of the product details at a glance. You can opt displaying the following details to schema.

  1. Product Name – brief and concise
  2. Product SKU – Stock Keeping Unit for identification
  3. URL – User friendly and understandable
  4. Product Image – ensures capturing user attention
  5. Product Description – make the users quickly go through the core features in the description
  6. Product Reviews – improve credibility and worth of landing pages
  7. Display Product Insights in Google Schema

    Magento snippets extension also allows you to display product insights in addition to the basic details. Try displaying additional information to help users quickly decide, click, and visit the landing page. Enable any or all of these options to add respective data to schema.

    1. Product Price and its Currency
    2. Inventory status i.e. in stock or out of stock
    3. Product brand and its attribute
    4. Display product color and attribute
    5. Product weight and weight attribute
    6. Show breadcrumbs for easy navigation

    Automatically Add Rich Snippet to Landing Pages

    Magento Rich Snippets extension automatically adds structured markup language to the html of your landing pages so you don’t have to add it manually. The HTML code for rich snippet is added to all the landing pages the moment you enable displaying product information.