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Does this item work with current google shopping?

Yes it works with google shopping feed. Perhaps, this extension add all basic attributes. If you don’t want to send those basic attributes then you can remove from CSV file.

Feel free to ask more queries.

Thanks, Mage Magician

Just to be clear. We can use this on Merchant Account and run Adwords?

Sorry, could not get you.

Dear Sir,

Yes it works with google shopping feed. Perhaps, this extension add all basic attributes. If you don’t want to send those basic attributes then you can remove from CSV file.

Feel free to ask more queries.

Thanks, Mage Magician

Our affiliate programme provider requires the following criteria for the product feed, could you tell me if your plug-in can meet all the mandatory fields as specified here please? Many thanks.

Dear Sir,

I have gone through your rqurements and happy to tell you that this extension fulfil your rquirements. Perhaps, this extension generates CSV file only with comma separated but if want to have pipe seperated then i can customize this extension on rquest.

Moreover, this extesnion also provides some basis fields like stores. If any user don’t need it then then can remoe from csv file.


Hello I want to buy this extension just wanted to know if it is compatible with in india and does it work with google india product feed ?

Dear Sir,

This extension generates feeds as per your attribute selection on admin section. This extension developed for all type of feed updates like gooogle, yahoo, etc. I am not aware about feed type so can not comment 100% about it but i am it should work as this extension compatible with all type of feed updater.

You can purchase it and if you will be looking to modify or update anything as per site then i can do so. Please note any support regarding new feature or modification will be billable support.

Happy shopping!

This is really useful tool for marketing your shopping cart products into google, yahoo, amazon sites.

Hi, I purchased this plugin. I uploaded the “App” folder as you said in the instructions to the root folder and when I go to my site, it’s completely down. Thank God I backup the “App” folder before I uploaded the folder from the Magento Product Feed. As soon as I remove the folder and decompress the older files(basically remove this) the site comes back up. I’m using magento Can you please help me?

Dear Sir,

Can you please provide me your server details? I shall check out the installation. It might be possible that installation gone wrong.

Thanks, Mage Magician

Can you see the brands as a horizontal band on the home page?

Hello, Your extension has brocken my website after its installation on Magento 1.8.1:

a:5:{i:0;s:187:”Error in file: ”/home/wwwpharm/public_html/app/code/local/Magemagician/Productfeed/sql/productfeed_setup/mysql4-install-1.0.0.php” – Can’t retrieve entity config: productfeed/feed_profile”;i:1;s:964:”#0 /home/wwwpharm/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Resource/Setup.php(645): Mage::exception(‘Mage_Core’, ‘Error in file: ...’)

Thank you for fixing it !

This module generate feeds and you can send directly it to google as per Magento.

Moreover, if you want to send these feeds to another network then you have to do connectivity with Magento.

This module generates feeds some of necessary fields and in addition to add your selected fields into feeds.

The generated feed have more than 20 extras columns :

example : ... use_config_notify_stock_qty,manage_stock use_config_manage_stock,stock_status_changed_auto, use_config_qty_increments qty_increments,use_config_enable_qty_inc…

1. We have to remove them manually before to sent the feed to Comparison Shopping Websites ?

Thank you

Yes, these are basic and necessary attributes for common feeds. If you wish then i can remove these by editing my module. Perhaps, this customization would be billable as per request.


12. Ability to use Dynamic Attribute that allows you to set your own conditions for Categories, Prices and etc

How to enable this feature ? Thank you

Sorry, there is no such features.


I am wanting to import a product feed in to Magento and wondered if I could use this extension as a starting point?

What do you think?


You can use this extension for getting idea, perhaps this extension doesn’t import product feed. you will have to use Import feature of Magento.


hi there I needed this for paidonresult. this is the product feed i need Our Feed Requirement Field we could use from your feed

Product ID column A – sku

Product Name column B – product_name

Product Price column C – product_price

Product URL column F – product_url

Product Description column D – product_description

Product Image URL column G – image_url

Product Category column E – category_name

can you help me with this? thanks.

Yes, You can give column name and select respective attributes to generate feeds like that.

If you are facing any issue then let me know. I shall help you out.

thank you. I just sent you an e-mail. thank you.

Alright, Thanks

Hello, how can i find the URL of the product feed?

Thanks for getting this product!

You will be getting Product Feed menu link into Magento Admin after installing this module.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Hello! You have plans to add XML output option for the file feed?


Not yet but for sure in future i will add XML option as well.


hi , i want to buy this extension for one reason. i understand right. i can transfer products from one magento shop to another with just a couple of clicks??? and what is about configurable products? also them i can transfer so easy? what about the images? often antother shop use another folder(name) for images? all this is solved? natali

Dear Sir,

Thanks for contacting me.

Sorry, this module doesn’t support you to transfer product from one shop to another shop. It generates Product feed data into CSV sheet so that you can upload it into Google shop, Amazon shop and yahoo shop sites for listing. perhaps, you can use some sort of info to transfer into another site but you won’t be getting product image full path.

If you wish product transfer module then send message to me. i shall provide you separately.


Does this support Magento 1.9.2?

Hi Mementor,

Sorry for late reply. Yes it does support.