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Can you add functions like: cookie time (to not spam the same customer) per popup Add popup on categories (different on any) add popup on page (different on any) add popup on exit

Thanks a lot!


thanks for the advise, i’ll let you if it’s happend in the future

Thanks :)

Hello Magdev,

Please I want to find out the following: 1. Can this product be used on any website? 2. Can multiple floating buttons be put on the same website (left or right)? 3. Does it allow for any html content including iframes, videos and facebook likebox on the popup? 4. Is it compatible with mobile devices (iOS, Android…)


Hi airobarogie,

unfortunately is not possible right now :)


I love this extension. What tweak do we need to make to have the button position dead centre – bottom of screen?

Hi Shopcentral,

thanks for purchase my extension. regarding button position, to change the position, open “js/floatbutton/floatbutton.css” file

find this line:

”#floatbuttonTrigger { position: fixed; top: 35%;


change to

”#floatbuttonTrigger { position: fixed; bottom: 0; left:35%; }”

for “left” parameter, the value between 35% – 50%, depend on button width

hope it helps


is it compatible with magento 1.8 community edition?

yes it does :)

Can this be used only to appear once on a homepage so that if the user ever navigates back to the homepage it doesn’t popup again please?

Also is it possible to put a Revolution Slider in the popup frame?



Hi tomo555,

the popup trigger by clicking a button, is not poping up automatically,

regarding revolition slider is not possible put in frame



Hi, I want to add popup with below content. (Are you looking for this : Yes/No) Now my requirement is if user say Yes then it goes on home page otherwise popup still open means if user select No then user cant able to access homepage. Please reply me as soon as possible. Thanks in Advance.