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I have several other cache extensions. Does your extension conflict with any other extension ?

Hi Bhuvan, Thank you for your interest, You cannot install our extension with any other cache extension because most of the cache extensions uses same core files of magento. You can uninstall other cache extensions to use our extension.

Support Team.

any test results ?

We are working on demo so it will be available soon with test results.

Does this work OK with a CDN ?

What about FooMan Speedster, will there be any conflict there ? For example fooman tends to handle minification etc but your plugin is more about caching the entire page as a gZipped HTML page correct ?

Does it override or overwrite any core files ?

What about hole punching, is that available in the options ?

I’m interested but would like to know more.


Hi, Thank you for your interest in our extension. Yes our extension works with CDN service and it doesn’t conflict with any other extensions like you have mentioned FooMan Speedster. You will not required to install any other cache extension because our extension is fair enough to boost up your magento store. Our extension supports hole punching.

Thank you. Support Team.

and don’t forget to return my money back

Hello, We don’t understand that why you haven’t contacted us to solve your problem. Our extension files doesn’t replace any of the core files of magento, You must had installed it wrongly at your web store.

Support Team.

Hello, I am interesting to purchace your extension but can I have a demo first?

Thank you

Hello, Thank you for your interest. We don’t have a demo available yet. If you will buy extended license so we will help you with installation and configuration with guaranteed results.

Sales Team – Get Specialist Inc.

Presales Question:


does your extension work with Magento Version

Best regards René Kiem-Riedl

Yes it works with version

we instal plugin and now we have Fatal error

Fatal error: Call to a member function isAllowed() on boolean in /home/kodintar/public_html/includes/src/__default.php on line 36615

Hi, Kindly send us your FTP details and magento admin details at to solve your problem. Thank you.

Support Team.

HI I want to buy your plugin can you check my site your extension will work with this. I want to get it loaded within 3-5 seconds.

Hi, Your website will not be loaded within 3-5 seconds by using our extension. First you will need to reduce an image sizes of your homepage then our extension can work for you.

hey ,, will there by any improvements in this website using your plugin ? ?

Hi, Yes it will improve it more. Your current Load time is 3.46sec.



Yes It supports.

This extension gave me the biggest headache ever, to start it didn’t let magento know the user was logged in, second the card has issues updating, i manage to fixed most issues but now the i can’t remove items from cart and home page doesn’t update properly on ajax calls.

Hi, Please send us your website url and magento admin details at Thank you.

cart* doesn’t update properly.


trkfdl Purchased

Hi there,

The plug-in is not working well. My site is slower. Please help!

Hi, Please send us your website url and magento admin details at Thank you.

code is breaking my website, i tried leaving a comment before and still no reply, my ajax cart is not working because this extension code is caching the cart, how can i make that stop?

Hi, We have already mentioned our support email address. Please send us your website url and magento admin details at and we will fix for you. Thank you.

We have installed the version 1.9 app and js folder as per the steps given in user manual in the respective location and there after we are not able to do add to cart on the website. We even unstalled the plugin as per the step given in user guide but then to we are not able to do add to cart of products. Need help to understand why is this happening.