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Great Work!

Thanks. Pls create a review good for us. :)

already done ;)

Thanks. For this we can sale off you 20% if you pay extension on this site : If you want pay extension what pls send mail and will send you a coupon code.


I just installed the extension, but I’m getting the following error when adding a new attribute:

a:5:{i:0;s:147:”SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘luxurybc_mage881.mg_glace_glaceorderattr_order_attribute2shipping_methods’ doesn’t exist”;i:1;s:4462:”#0

Is there anything I'm missing?


Ok. we will use it to fix problems.

Any news?

Hello. Pls check your mail


The prodcut is great works out of the box nog problems.

Onlye one qeustion;)

The attribute does not show on PDF invoice the settings are set to YES but still nothing any idea?


Stil waitng for answer!!!

Hello, Pls check ticket you created and sent to us. Thanks

Hello, just sent it, Thanks in advance!

I am using Order Export Tool which exports fields into xml file. Can you please help me how to export yours fields? e.g. for exporting “customer id” i am using Mage::getSingleton(‘customer/session’)->getId() .

how i can import “custom_price_order” from your extension ? thanks

Is compatible with gomage lightcheckout? thanks

Hello there,

I have installed this extension and I have created two attribute for order. 1. textarea and other one is yes/no. But when I go frontend for checkout page it will throw me error Fatal error : Class ‘Varien_Data_Form_Element_Boolean’ not found in /home/public_html/thewinerackshop/lib/Varien/Data/Form/Abstract.php on line 146

Can you solved this error.?

Thanks :)

Hello, Pls go to and create a ticket . In ticket, pls send info: user and pass admin site, info FTP and we will check problems help you. Thanks

Will this work on 1.9.1?

Yes, of course. I work good on 1.9.1.Thanks

I just bought and installed it. I am using Amasty Order Export so need to know the Base Table key and Referenced Table keys to use. I am also using Fooman PDF and would like to know how to include the order attributes in the PDF. At the moment the only way I can see to add a note explaining the fields is to create a text area and add a message as default text – but that means it appears in the customer’s order receipt email.

Hello, i think you need contact with Fooman PDF for support help you this. If not you can go go and create a ticket for it. Then we can help you with this but you need pay add fee for it. Hope are you understand. Thanks

Hello, Please i installed this extension and when i create an attribute, and i try to check out, this is being outputed directly on the onepage checkout page. ‘var h = new Hash(); Validation.addAllThese([ [‘validate-checkboxgroup-required’, ‘Please select an option.’, function(v, elm) { id =,”_”)); if (h.get(id)) { return true; } h.set(id, true); checkboxGroupChecked = false; $$(‘input[id^=’ + id + ‘]’).each(function(checkbox){ if (checkbox.checked) { checkboxGroupChecked = true; } }); return checkboxGroupChecked; }], [‘validate-length’, ‘Please use the value with length less or equal than 25 characters’, function(v) { return v.length <= 25; }] ]); function clearHash() { h = new Hash(); } $$(’#checkoutSteps button’).each(function(button){ button.observe(‘click’, clearHash); }); var cmsideasOrderattrConditionObj = new cmsideasOrderattrCondition({ ‘shipping_methods’: [] }); cmsideasOrderattrConditionObj.check(); >’ please help. this is super urgent

Hi. Two questions. Can I make an attribute visible in the admin order review, but invisible for the customer in frontend?

Can I add a shortcode into any template to get the data of the attribute? I use a third party extension for dropshipping, which sends an email to the suppliers. That email is based on a template in that extension.

Does this work with IWD Onestep Checkout ?

I’m going to be purchasing this here in a few minutes. Once I add my field how can I access it in php? Would it be like $this->getConfigData(‘my_new_field’)

Got a error in Fatal error: Call to a member function getId() on a non-object in app/code/local/Glace/Orderattr/Block/Sales/Order/View/Attributes.php on line 105

Please check the status of ticket now

Hi, does this extension work with magento and also does this work with IWD Onestep Checkout?

Check my ticket please, is urgent..

Amazing Work dude ;)

Check my ticket!!!

0 Support, 0 Reply!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have bought this item for 0 support?

Do you have a version for Magento 2?