Magento Order Attributes

Magento Order Attributes

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How to collect information to enrich the store customer’s database without making customers bored? This question is always of concern of every Magento store owner. Now, Magento Order Attributes will help you – store owners, gather all your customers’ required information for a quick check out process. With Magento Order Attributes extension, users can add custom fields to any steps in the customer’s check out process. You can choose any inserting information types for any custom fields such as Text field, Text area, Date, Date& time, Yes/No, Drop down, Checkbox Group for customers to fill in. This extension will probably facilitate your process of completing orders without any postponements. Moreover, users can easily set up custom fields as required areas, so that customers are persuaded to fill in. The information inserted by customers is saved automatically, so that customers can view this information in their complete orders.


- Easily gain additional information for quick order processes.

- Easily add useful attributes to any phases in the checkout blocks.

- Able to choose insert field type from a list of types

o Text field

o Text area

o Date

o Date& time

o Yes/No

o Drop down

o Checkbox Group

- Able to integrate with Magento One Step Checkout extension which let users add useful attributes to any phases of the checking out process.

- Allow showing filled in information in PDF documents and Customer Account

- Able to set up default value for each attribute

- Allow making order attribute compulsory for filling in

- Able to validate all customers’input information

- Show order attributes in admin grid to facilitate management.

- Allow customers to see all their inserted information in their complete orders.

- Multi-store support


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