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Good luck with sale !

Live preview is not working.

Hi, can you please help me. The plugin is not working.

Did your receive my mail?

Yes we have received. Thank you. We will get back to you shortly.

can it be possible to add chk Button for policies and term & conditions

Hi, Yes it contain option to add check button for policies and terms and conditions but you will need to add terms and conditions in magento admin first. Kindly checkout the following tutorial ( to create terms and conditions. I hope this would be helpful.

Support Team.

Dear author,

I just want to know is that your checkout extension will work with angular js magento store? actually i am building a magento store theme entirely with angular js now would like to have a checkout extension that will work with angular js. will be waiting for your answer thank you.

Hi, Yes it works with magento theme that has been entirely built with angular js but please make it sure that you haven’t call the javascripts libraries twice. Thank you.

Support Team – Get Specialist Inc.

hi, I use this extension in Magento with security patch PATCH_SUPEE-6788_CE_1.9.2.1_v1-2015-10-26-11-38-41 but one page checkout ist not working. How can I solve this problem ? There are also problems with installation and folder structure (xml file ) of this extension, may be ist not according with Magento ?

best regards


Hi Marek, Our extension is not compatible with Magento but kindly send us your FTP details and magento admin details at so we will help you out. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for your answer but it is not possible, better please make quick your extension compatible with Magento :-)

regards Marek

Hi, is this extension compatible with magento ?

Hi, Our extension is not compatible with magento

hi I bought this extension but it giving me a black page when I intergrate. Why?

Hi, Kindly send us screenshot at so we will take a look. Thank you.

the screen shot has been sent to you

our magento version is

Hello, I installed the extension into my website, and updated all the settings from the backend. Also the link.phtml file But when i doing checkout it goes to a blank page of onepagecheckout. Please give the solution asap.

Regards Amir

I have already shared the details, Please respond on that..

Hi, We have fixed this out. You had installed it incorrectly, You had copied extension files into default folder instead of your theme folder. Thank you.

Thank you :)

Hello, bought but not working. Enabled but no one step checkout appears. Using Magento

Now I see it is not compatible with Have you got a new version that is compatible available?

Hi, Kindly send us your FTP details and magento admin details at so we will take a look.

Thank you.

Support Team.

Hello, I install this extension. after adding product to the cart I click checkout and is taking me /checkout/onepage/?___SID=S is not taking me to /onestepcheckout Please help ASAP

Hi, Kindly update the links in your .pthml files by following:

Goto: checkout/onepage/link.phtml – Search for $this->getCheckoutUrl() and replace it with $this->getUrl(’ onestepcheckout ’, array(‘_secure’=>true))

It is already mentioned in Documentation. Thank you.

Hello, I install this extension and is working. after adding product to the cart I click checkout and is taking me /checkout/onepage/?___SID=S is not taking me to right page /onestepcheckout Please help ASAP

if you know the quick fix code please let me know. the extension is working is just this link is on the way. ASAP HELP

Did you receive my mail?

Yes. We will get back to you ASAP.

Hi, I tried to install it but not sure where I should upload the file and where to “activate”. You don’t provide any package to put in connect and the doc isn’t helpful at all. Please help.

Hi, Thank you for purchase. Every extension you buy from codecanyon, you will need to install it manually using FTP. Kindly upload the folders to your public_html directory and then goto system settings to activate the extension.

Hi, I uploaded everything again and now it works, sorry for the trouble.

Nice work, GLWS!

doest it support magento 1.9.3?

Yes it support