Reviews for Magento Installer/Duplicator and Moving Tool

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for Code Quality

I got it use it today to upload Magento site to new server.
To save time... But it is not working and need to figer out or need to contact support!
This Not worth it at all!
Inter face is very simple to set up and Documentation is good but Getting "An error occured. Please try again." every time. waste too many time on this.
End up moving site manually!!!!

Should be No Star


Author response

You wrote me at 22:02 and i answered you on 22:49 … The Problem was not the Moving Tool it was your Settings … I thing next Time you should try to have more patience on Support!

And You should give them time to Help you before … Thats not Cool!

I can understand if you buy something wrong or make mistakes on your Settings but you should give a Chance to Helping you before writing.

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