Discussion on Magento Installer/Duplicator and Moving Tool

Discussion on Magento Installer/Duplicator and Moving Tool

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I would like to know if I can backup any PHP site like Joomla, Wordpress, etc. or just Magento?

I need to backup different websites, not just Magento. Is this possible?

Thank you

Hello, no this is only for Magento.

But if you search here for “Backup Management” you will find a few.

In any other Case you can contact us on if you need help.

Best Regards

Hi, are you still supporting this plugin? I purchased it and it seems the backup is hanging (System Backup w/o Media). I’m getting the error “The connection was lost with the backup engine. Please try again.”

Hello, sorry for the Late reply… Please send us an Email with FTP and Admin Account so we can take a Look on it.

Our Tool works with the System Backup Engine, so please be sure that your System Backup Engine is working otherwise you will get this Error.

So if you can send us your System Login and FTP we can take a Look on it.


This would be a lovely tool to have in my toolbox. Please fix the demo so that I can see how it works. Thanks.

Thank you very much for setting up the demo system for us. One more question the field in the file that says, zip filname and Sql filename can these be remote locations or do they have to be relative?

No It’s not possible to use remote location for either of zip and sql file as the installer was developed to open file from local storage.

But, it can be implemented if you need that … we also provide customisation and development of the module please contact us for module customisation (Paid Service) on !

Thanks for the response, I will be sending you an email shortly.

Will this still work if I want to move my site from a server with cPanel installed to a new server with Plesk installed? Does the server Control Panel have any effect on the transfer?

Sorry for the Late Reply: Yes , It should Work if you got the right Preferences needed for Magento!

I tried to do a backup and then everything went down in a 500 error. Please advise.

Error 500 is usually a Server Error but Please write me an Email on with the FTP and Domain Details! – Then i can take a look and Help you!

Hi I’ve installed this extension and it seemed to have hung causing a 500 internal server error on the site.

Please advise


Please write me an Email on with the FTP and Domain Details! – Then i take a look!

thanks for the quick reply. Email has been sent

Our previous developer has abandoned our magento project. We do not have access to phpmyadmin or magento Connect details and permissions have been set on FTP so we cannot add anything to root directory via FTP. We need to make a backup of our magento database. We only have access to magento admin area and access to FTP. Is it still possible to achieve this with the limited access we have?

Hello, no that not possible because if you got no FTP access you cant install the Extension!

But you could make a Backup in your Store/Backend

hi, Does this work with magento, your description only shows magento thanks.

Sorry for the Late Response … Yes it works with too !

Hi, will this work with Magento 2?

Hello, Sorry for the Late Response … No it didn`t but we also working on a new Version for Magento 2 !

Hello. How about Magento Enterprise?

Hello i am Sorry, but the Moving Tool is made for Magento Community Edition!

I have sent you an email through the support box. Please answeb me. It´s very important. Best, Ignacio.

I allready wrote you back yesterday! – Please look in your Spam Folder….

To Help you i need your FTP Details and your Domain – you can contact me to my Email: or Skype “f-mediendesign”!


I need help. Ive installed the extension on my magento.

I was doing the system backup. and to move it onto another server. It has already been 4 hours since the backup started and now the website on my development server is gone.



Write me your Domain and FTP Details to my Email (

Thanks for the help! Did more than what was needed in order for my website to work.

it was not an extension problem. It was my server’s configuration that was wrong.

Your plugin seems to be ideal for developers assemble an installation package to deliver to the user with the system documentation.

In the case, simply complete the development and mount the installation package. With the package just create the database on the destination and report the data that the script will perform the installation automatically?

Am I correct?

You can find more Information here:

thank you. I will leave in the cart. next package already will buy.

Sounds Great! – Thank you!

Hi, is it possible to install this extension using “magento connect manager” panel or I can to do this only using ftp? Thanks

No, the easiest Way to Install the Extension is to do this from FTP – But If you got problems with installing the Extension from FTP then i will Help you Installing it!

Will this work if I have a magneto on a Local server running on Wamp or something like that?

Ability to copy to local, make changes etc.. and then copy back to live server?

Yes that would work perfectly!


ive purchased the plugin.

there is a few things that i dont understand in the database section. do i have to create a new database in my new site. and list down all the credentials linked to that new database?

Yes thats right. .. you need a new Database to moving the old one!

Hey! Just a quick query, will this help me move from 1.8 to 1.9?

Hello… No it will Help you to Move the Site 1:1 from one Server (Domain) to another! ... But its a good Idea for the next update!

Do let me know when you do. Would definitely be buying this for sure then. :)

Hi, I dont have magento installed yet. With this tool I can installed from cero ? How do I install this tool? Thanks.

No you cant .. V2 is only for moving a existing Magento Installation. But if you buy i can help with the Installation too – just write me a pm if you want!

This looks like it could save a lot of time with migrations.

I’ll be sure to check back on this. Best of luck! :)

Thanks for that ! – v2.0 is coming this weekend!

Very interesting. I will be watching how this one performs. Good luck with sales!

Thank You :)


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