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I am getting this error <script> tag must not be included in a <section>. Please check your email.

Hi. We’ve replied to your support email.

how to get correct fix this Source / Medium? this image is wrong. we invest money to adwords, why this Source/Medium NOT FROM ADWORDS?

Hi. We’ve replied to your support email.

but not fix my issue

Hi. We’ve replied to your support email.

Does your product handle Google dynamic retargeting with Magento multi variant products?

Hi. We’ve replied to your support email.

Hi I use full page cache on the front end will the plugin still work?

Hi. Yes, it should.

Cant get this to show in the frontend/ html, everything in admin seems to work ok. magento 1.8.1 no page cache. tags is set up

Hi. We’ve replied to your support email.

superb support! Got it working with help from support :)

Hi does this module now support Enhanced Ecommerce?

Hi. No, it doesn’t. Please contact our support if you need Enhanced Ecommerce https://codecanyon.net/item/magento-google-tag-manager-integration/12096775/support/contact

Hi Does this support Magento 2.1.x ?

Hi. No, it doesn’t.

Hi, I have several questions: 1. Can I have the documentation before purchasing? So I could read in detail what can it do. 2. Can I install it –after purchasing of course- in a development environment to check if there is some problem? (some conflict with another extension, or something go wrong). And after that install it in the LIVE enviroment. 3. How the installation works? FTP? Magento connect? 4. Will I need to disable the Google API configuration for google analytics and will be forced to configure it with google tag manager? Or what is the recommendation about it? 5. What’s the difference between using this extension or simply copy the google tag manager code into “Miscellanious script” field of Magento admin that adds the code to the head section? Thank you, Pablo.


1. You can read the list of features on the product page, it contains all what extension can do. The documentation contains instructions on how to configure these features and the extension. It does not describe what these features are. You can contact our support to receive the documentation https://codecanyon.net/item/magento-google-tag-manager-integration/12096775/support/contact

2. Yes, you can.

3. FTP.

4. You can use Google API but it is recommended to disable it and configure Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager.

5. The extension generates dataLayer with dynamic values, like order ID.

I am getting double transactions in Google Analytics. also the Tax Column is appearing empty. Please help


I have some questions before I buy:

1) Does the plugin support AdWords Dynamic Remarketing?

2) Can I get the documentation with before the purchase please?

3) Is it possible to test the plugin on one website (test page) and then implement on the main store?

Thank you,


1) Yes.

2) I’ve replied to your email.

3) Yes.

Perfect! Thank you :)

I made a test purchase worth $ 5.00 in google analytics ecommerce accuses $ 5.07.

Can you tell me why?

I made another test purchase and this time the value was correct!

Hi. I suppose you see amount with tax http://i.imgur.com/GR195Rf.png but it is better to ask Google Analytics why it shows the wrong number.