Magento Google Tag Manager Integration

Magento Google Tag Manager Integration

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With Google Tag Manager you can manage your Google Analytics events, Adwords conversion tracking, remarketing, and many other features in one place. This extension allows you to integrate Google Tag Manager to your site.

All you need to integrate Google Tag Manager is to insert your container id into the configuration of this extension.

  • Multi-store support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Transactions (e-commerce tracking) support:
    • Supports all native Magento product types
    • You can specify the name of your shop for each store
  • Google Adwords purchase conversion tracking support
  • Facebook Pixel events support:
    • “ViewContent”
    • “AddToCart”
    • “InitiateCheckout”
    • “Purchase”
  • Twitter Conversion Tracking events support:
    • “PageView”
    • “ViewContent”
    • “AddToCart”
    • “InitiateCheckout”
    • “Purchase”
  • Dynamic remarketing support
  • Well documented
Dynamic remarketing allows you to show to people who have previously visited your site ads containing products they viewed on your site. With messages tailored to your audience, dynamic remarketing helps you build leads and sales by bringing previous visitors back to your site to complete what they started.
To get started with Google Tag Manager, you can go here

To read how to install and configure the extension, see the documentation provided with this extension.


The extension is compatible with Magento 2 (2.x) and Magento 1 (1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x) versions.


ver. 2.0.0 (01.02.19)
new: Added support for all Magento 2.x versions (2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3)
updated: screenshots in the documentation
ver. 1.0.6 (29.05.17)
new: Remarketing tag for search pages
updated: Placed Google Tag Manager code snippet according to new Google requirements
updated: Google Analytics screenshots (in documentation) with updated design
updated: Update year in all files
ver. 1.0.5 (15.12.16)
new: Added google_conversion_order_id to Adwords Convertion tracking
new: Added several frequently asked questions to documentation
new: Multi-currency support for dynamic remarketing and Twitter/Facebook Pixel
updated: Сhanged event name for Google Adwords Purchase Conversion Tracking from "fireAdwordsConversionTag" to "fireConversionTag" 
ver. 1.0.4 (18.10.16)
new: Twitter Conversion Tracking support ("PageView", "ViewContent", "AddToCart", "InitiateCheckout", "Purchase")
new: More supported events for Facebook Pixel ("ViewContent", "AddToCart", "InitiateCheckout")
updated: Screenshots with new Google Tag Manager interface
ver. 1.0.3 (22.07.16)
new: documentation for Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking configuring
ver. 1.0.2 (25.04.16)
* new: Google Adwords Conversion Tracking support
* new: Separate currencies for each store in tracking transactions
ver. 1.0.1 (10.11.15)
* fixed: generating products sku for remarketing
* fixed: transactionTotal=0 on success order page for some payment methods
ver. 1.0.0 (19.07.15)
* initial release