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Can I have a live demo link of the extension?

Sorry, but there is no demo for this.

Hi, I want to purchase your extension for my store. If my customer want to send a gift card to someone then he will able to send with a fixed price. Can you provide me the procedure of your extension. How it works.

Hi, Install the extension but got this error. Fatal error: Class ‘Magentopros_Giftcard_Helper_Data’ not found in /app/Mage.php on line 547

Please help me to solve it.


Please clear cache and then logut from admin and login. Please also make sure about you compilation mode is disabled.

After this check check error is continuing to generate.If so then please email us your site admin and ftp details.

Its Working

Tried this plugin in Magento when I save the giftcard it is not visible anymore in the backend or the frontend when saving.

Did a new install of Magento installed the plugin and I get this error:

Cannot send headers; headers already sent in /XXX/app/code/community/Magentopros/Giftcard/controllers/Adminhtml/TemplateController.php, line 142

Also when a customer goes to My account—>giftcards the codes are not visible. When you look at the invoice it is visible.

How to solve this?

Hello tuukie,

Sorry for inconvinience.

Well can you please give us your ftp and admin details to move further? We need to check this issue.

Just sended you the credentials. Sorry for the late reply my bad!

No problem.. Well Thank you for sharing credentials. We will get back to you soon with solution.

Have a great day.

I need to create 400 gift cards from an excel file. can i do it with your extension ? thank you for your answer


Thank you for your interest in Gift Card.

Well,at present this extension is not supporting this feature. Have a nice day.

Hello, I would like to purchase your extension, do you offer installation service and what do you charge? Please also note that my store is live, thanks


Thank for your interest.

Yes we are providing installation service with the cost of $25.

For further information you can mail us at

Hello, I am having trouble with the extension. Is it possible to pay for a product with a giftcard code? Everything seems configured correctly yet I have no options available to purchase an item with a gift card code. Thank you very much for your time, Wish you a wonderful day! Cheers, Lucas


Yes you can use a gift card code to purchase a product.

Ok Thank You.. it must be an issue with my theme then :( .. Everything works.. but I have no options at payment to use giftcard to purchase. I will investigate further…


Let me know if you have any queries.

Have a nice day.

Does this work in Magento 2?

Hi Sambir, No this is only compatible with magento 1.x

Are you going to update it for Magento 2?


Yes in very near future we will launching this.

Awesome!! Good luck with sales!

Thank you very much :)

does this support magento 1.9.3

Hello, Sorry for late response. Yes this extension is supported with magento 1.9.3

thanks for getting back to me

how do i edit the email that is sent i need to format this to match my voucher

cheers the file names i need to edit will do


You can do that by go to System > Transactional Emails.

You can create a new override through the button Add New Template. In the new screen, select a gift card template from the dropdown, change the locale if you want and hit the button Load Template make changes and save

Then go to System -> Configuration -> Magentopros -> Giftcards -> select email template you just modify and save.