Magento Easy Blocks

Magento Easy Blocks


Are you finding the way of adding special block in any pages of your website simply? if “yes” Easy Blocks Magento is the right choice. With the extended position blocks, you can display promotional image, advertising banner, price discount, upcoming events, or any special information wherever you want

Moreover, you are provided numerous predefined positions. Especially, you can place your image and content on cart pages and checkout pages. If you want to create your favored position, Cmsideas allows you to customize them easily. It’s also easy for you to schedule time and date, Hours, Minutes, Seconds to display your block.



- Cmsideas provides 8 main positions for 3 main visible level of the whole website including: general (all pages), catalog, product

- Especially, add new block on cart page, my account page, checkout page or any pages you want

- It’s also easy for you to manage time and date, Hours, Minutes, Seconds to display your block. Even, you can schedule blocks operation on any specific dates (odd days, even days, 1st day, 2nd day, etc.)

- This multi position block allows you to set rotation mode for each block. There are 3 choices for you

Show all: show all items in the block

Rotate one by one: show each items one by one

Show random: show item randomly

- You can enable/disable to show in subcategories.

- Block items can contain content including HTML, Images, JavaScript and Code

- Admin can add an unlimited quantity of content items in each block

- Our Easy Blocks Magento allows you to place block under predefined place or customized place

- You are allowed to enable/disable any block status as needed

- With module , you are able to manage item order through the “sort order” attribute.

  • Predefined Block Places for Your Choice

- General ( Can be displayed on all pages)

Sidebar Left Top (block displayed at top of left sidebar)

Sidebar Left Bottom (block displayed at bottom of left sidebar)

Sidebar Right Top (block displayed at top of right sidebar)

Sidebar Right Bottom (block displayed at bottom of right sidebar)

MenuTop (block displayed above the main menu)

Menu Bottom (block displayed under the main menu)

Page Bottom (block displayed at end of page)

- Catalog & Product

Catalog Sidebar Left Top

Catalog Sidebar Left Bottom

Catalog Content Top

Catalog Sidebar Right Top

Catalog Sidebar Right Bottom

Catalog Page Bottom

Catalog Menu Top

Catalog Menu Bottom

- Product only

Product Sidebar Left Top

Product Sidebar Left Bottom

Product Content Top

Product Sidebar Right Top

Product Sidebar Right Bottom

Product Page Bottom

Product Menu Top

Product Menu Bottom

- Customer content top

In this position, you can add content items based on your intention (upcoming event, price discount, promotional program, etc).

- Cart & checkout Content Top

This special block is on the cart’s and check-out’s pages instead of the main block.

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