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Is this extension work on Magento 1.9.1 ?

I’ve not tried it to be honest. I originally built it for 1.7.2.

The plugin does NOT work on Magento 1.9.1, It does work on 1.8.1

Thanks for the update. As stated in the item details – the module was built for Magento 1.7.2.

Hi Greenacorn,

do you have news for me? I send you a mail with details issue and FTP/admin access to the site.

Thanks a lot!

Hi.. Please resend the email, I’ve been having troubles with my mail.

Any plans to update it to work with newest version of Magento?

I haven’t had time to do any updates unfortunately.

Am I able by your plugin to create for the users a registration page appears to them on the first before doing any browsing my store and this form include a paypal method.

example, the form of registration I need exactly like facebook for the new visitors, that’s registration form on the right hand, that’s available here ?

With some customisation, yes!

fine, what does it cost & time ?

Please email to discuss further. Thanks


I am going to purchase this extension but wonder that is this extension compatible with this one step checkout ?

Hi, no I doubt it will be.