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Hi Please, do you have Compatible version of Magento 2 ? Regards

Hello there! thanks for a great question, but unfortunately we don’t support magento 2 yet..


Hello, Using your Magento Email templates. I have an issue in that the prices shown in the items table do not have decimal points. Eg. It shows £11 instead of £11.00.

Also, at the end of the items table, the subtotal, discount, total etc do not show the currency symbol, instead they show the code. Eg. It shows GBP instead of £. Any ideas?

Hello! thanks for contacting us with this request..

It is a new support ticket we need to open and solve this.. Please send us an email with the subject Support ticket and add this request there! Thanks..


We have a issue with the template. On order email the product shows duplicated. We tried so many times on since march but no response. Until now no support at all

Hello dear customer.. we had another customer with the same issue, so was thinking we answered you sorry!

Did you download the latest version of templates? The issue comes from your side as it seems you replaced something wrong there..


Please tell me WooCommerce Email Customizer PRO Item removed ??

Hello dear customer! nope we hide it and will reopen in a week when all support tickets completed..


I could not understand what you said that

hi is this only the order confirmation email or do you also have the account transaction emails

Hi dear customer, Our emails are for orders only yet, but we are working on other types as well..



I bought your custom email template today, But there is only order-mail there…

there are may other email templates that magento uses, and your extension gives only the order-mail.

It was not clear when we buy it.

I want please refund, Im sorry but we will not use it.

Waiting for your reply.

Regards Ness

Hello dear customer! We will do refund with love.. but you could see that we have only order emails in our demo pages..



Im asking again…

I bought from you the email template. There is only new order template. Its not describe in your product page.

I want refund, We will not use this extension.

Regards Ness

Hello dear customer! We will do refund with love.. but you could see that we have only order emails in our demo pages..


You Should mention it in the description, Not in the Demo, Demo can be part of something …. :)



thank you for suggestion! we will add it :)


Hello, what is the best way to edit the template? (and I don’t like to use code)

font styles in emails? or just on admin panel? Thanks

Of emails. when i send the email notification then it doesn’t look like your design (font will change)

could you send us a screenshot of email, please?


Hello I have posted questions few times, no reply

Sorry for delays, our support team had so many support tickets to finish..

Thank you

Hello , after installation your code gives wrong information . See

Hello ???

hello dear customer.. sorry for late response! our support team is working hard to answer all clients.. We are happy to give you a refund.. please send us a refund request here and we will approve asap..


Please refund. if you aren’t provide to support you shouldnt be offering one.


I created the form in magento then I click on “Preview Template” and I see below which is looking good : But when a customer is order an item they receive the email template that lost it’s correct position:

Also I don’t see the ordered products thumbnails!


It’s 9 days that I sent the last question and get no answer! I paid money for support or nothing!?

I got everything to work fine but the image url and thumbnail are broken. I’m using Magento 1.9.3 can you please tell me what the issue can be? I’ve sent a few emails and I get no reply

nevermind I fixed it, you suck at support

hey guys, I re-wrote this companies code so the images show up correctly and the floating point value on sub total and total work correctly. This companies support is crap and the documentation is crap. for magento 1.9.3 I was able to fix the coding errors and got mine working super nice :) I’m on twitter @gx2g