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Do you have the documentation how to add the columns for “SKU” and “Price”. Since each of the associated simple products have different price, the price of the configurable product should not appear in the yellow band (to the left of Add to Cart button).

Can we get it to look like this?

Also does it have to be at the bottom of the product page?

I had the same problem as Willis:

I was trying to install this on a site, but the cart keeps coming up empty. Oddly, it works on my development version of the site. (a copy sitting on the same server)

It seems as though its something to do with the cartcontroller because the blank cart url is on the broken site, but correctly redirects to on the dev site.

What is the solution to this?

PRE SALE QUESTIONS - I’m interesting about this extension, for configurable product…but i want to know if is possible to enable this module only for specific product or category. - is compatible with other extension for customization of product (print tshirt etc.)


Pre-purchase question Our product has lots of attributes like, year, make, model, submodel.

For example, product A: 1994-2011, ford;BMV, i328;Windstar, base;SE;SL;X We have another database table looks like this (SKU, Data. For example, SKU: AA-555-444-22, Data:1990-1993|Mercedes-Benz|190E(blank Line)1990-1993|Mercedes-Benz|300CE

could it fit our website?

Hi, I have installed the extension but my configurable products are still showing as dropdowns. Will this convert the configurable products I have already entered or will it only work for the ones I add going forward? I am 99% sure I installed this correctly but feel like something is amiss. Can you help? I am working on a dev site that is hosted through Siteground…here is URL for one of the configurable products:

PS – we are just going product entry at this point and haven’t done anything with the design as of yet.

Thank you for your time.

Extension does not work. Support is not responsive…DO NOT purchase this!

Hello Support,

Is it also working on Magento version ?

best regards, Michel

Hi, Can you send me the cartcontroller.php with ajax conflict removed, or post here the mod?

Please answer the question i made hre, by email and by support center…Thank you…

Can I change the weight in each product?


LuzMay Purchased

Hi, I have installed the extension but is not working… on Magento version I think that the theme is the problem. I sent some email to support but never responded me :(

What about this one, it’s nice and lush