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Does this extension support tier pricing? I sell apparel online and this extension appears to be everything that I need with the exception of the tier pricing. Look forward to your reply.

This extension doesn’t support the tier pricing, but in next version we will add this feature.


if you need urgent then we can customize this extension for you.

Does this extension has a function that whenever a specific color swatch is clicked the main product image will show another image?

Hello, I would like to purchase this extension, can you tell me if it can work with other attributes, or does it only work with color and size? Example would I be able to add Fabric type as an attribute and add images for different fabric? Will this extension also work with simple products? If I were to purchase extension today when would you be able to install it for me? Thanks much

not recommend, bad developer. does not provide support

The plug-in has an installation. But I do not know what they use. There is no detailed description in the manual. Is there a more detailed manual?

Hello I submitted a request for support I have yet to recieve a reply back. I did pay the extra for the support so can I please get some assistance. I have followed the directions that are provided but the Extension will not show up If I cannot recieve any assistance I will request a refund.

I have an issue with my products prices, the price appears for any user like that: R.S 35 but when any user click the size option of product to choose, the price appears to the users like: R.S 3.50