Magento Auction Extension – Online Auction & Bidding System

Magento Auction Extension – Online Auction & Bidding System

Increase revenue and user engagement by selling products on auction. Let your potential customers bid higher for a product they need the most. Magento Auctions extension creates a dedicated page to showcase all the products available on auction. Users can click a product, view the bidding details, and bid a competitive price to win the auction. Users can select manual or auto bidding to ensure winning the auction.

  • Allow product auctions for higher returns and revenues
  • Ajax based bidding display ensures uninterrupted auction
  • Display auction information to encourage users to initiate bidding
  • Allows auto and manual bidding to auction aspirants
  • Configure email notification and messages for quick user interaction

Add Product Auctions Along with Complete details

Put your most demanding or antique products on auction and let the customers bid for it. The higher bidder wins the auction that generates more revenue to your online store. Magento Auctions extension allows you to create an auction, assign products, and provide maximum information.

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Display all Product Auctions on a Separate Landing Page

Magento Auctions extension allows you to display all the product auctions on a dedicated page. It facilitates your potential customers to view all the products available on auction with a click. They can choose between the products and quickly start bidding rather than finding such products from the catalog.


Configure Min and Max Intervals to change Bid Price

The moment you add new auction to products, you can enter minimum and maximum intervals for bid price change. This sets a bid range for the auction participants so that they do neither bid too low nor too high for a product to win the auction.

Facilitate Users with Auto and Manual Bidding

In manual bidding, the users have to place a bid each time a higher bid is placed. So, they have to remain active and responsive to the auction process. In auto-bidding, they can set a maximum price so that a higher bid is placed automatically on their behalf. It is an ideal bidding solution for the participants who can’t watch over the entire auction but want to be among the winners.

  1. Let the user bid manually or automatically
  2. Allow customers to change auto-bid price multiple times

Ajax Powered Auction for smooth Bidding Experience

Magento Auctions extension is powered by Ajax technique that brilliantly refreshes the bidding details on a product page. In return, the bidders and watchers always get updated bidding information without reloading the entire product page.

Configure Email Notification Settings for Quick Updates

Magento Auction extension is equipped with various email notification settings that allow you to keep the bidding participants update. You can enable notifying them through emails with a simple drop-down menu. Let them keep an eye on the auction so that they bid higher to get a demanding product.


Additional Features

  1. Include or exclude tax amount from the bidding price
  2. Auctions landing page to show all the products available on auction
  3. Export auctions along with complete details in a CSV or XML file